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The Tractive GPS Pet Tracking device helps you locate your dog, your cat or any other pet - anytime, anywhere. The device can easily be attached to the existing collar and together with the free Tractive Pet Manager apps, you locate your dog or find your cat in real time using GPS technology.

Key Features

  • Battery Lifetime: 2-5 days
  • Battery fully recharges in 2 hours
  • Recommended for pets over 4.5 kg (9 pounds)
  • Size: 51mm x 41mm x 15mm (2.0in x 1.6in x 0.6in)
  • Weight: 35g (1.2oz)
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You want to know where your pet currently is and want to track your dog or cat in realtime? Using the Tractive LIVE-Tracking feature, you can follow every step of your beloved pet in realtime and see the current position of your pet on a map. You can also define a safe zone which works like a virtual fence. Whenever your pet leaves the safe zone, you will be notified on your mobile device (iPhone and Android).
Live tracking


The Tractive GPS Pet Tracking device communicates with the Tractive Pet Manager app and the Tractive website using cellular networks. We pay the cellular data fees for you and just charge you a small service fee, starting at € 4,99 per month. This is not a typical mobile phone contract, as we don't charge any activation fee or any other additional fees. We don't bind you into a contract, you can decide to stop or restart the service at any point in time.
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Download the free Tractive Pet Manager apps for iPhone, iPad and Android to manage important pet information such as vet appointments, vaccinations, allergies and much more.
for Android | for iOS
for Android | for iOS


Pet owners around the world trust us with the safety of their pets. Here are some photos showcasing Tractive in use.
This device is a life saver, my dog digs out of the garden, one look at app on phone and I know straight away where he is. Walking in the woods is now a dream I use the live tracking to see where he is going, very pleased the GPS works in the woods.

We both enjoy our walks he is off the lead getting all the exercise he needs, and I know where he is going. H.J. Galpert