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Allergien beim Hund - ist mein Hund betroffen?

Dog allergies: What you need to know

Just like people, dogs can get allergic reactions when their immune systems begin to recognize certain everyday substances as dangerous. The immune system is designed to protect us, but when it mistakes non-harmful environmental substances as threats, then allergic reactions occur. For example, if your dog eats a specific ingredient and the dog’s immune system views it as a threat, an extreme allergic reaction occurs. Whether we are talking about people or pets, the cause of allergies is an overactive immune system. Here’s what you need to know about dog allergies.


Fare conquiste con il cane

Dog walk flirting

Spring is here. The days are getting warmer, the winter coat is packed away, flowers are coming out and love is in the air. For a single person it can be really annoying when everywhere you look all you see is couples. Cause let’s face it, we do envy them a bit. Are you also a single dog parent looking for a bit romance? Have you thought about using your dog as wingman? Here are 8 reasons why dogs are the best wingmen. Are you ready for some dog walk flirting? (more…)

video contest

Video contest: Win a Tractive Pet-Remote!

Is your dog a real circus artist? Then show us the best tricks and join our video contest. 3 lucky winners will get a Tractive Pet-Remote! All you have to do is make a video of your dog doing a cool trick and share the video under this Facebook-Post. The winners will be selected randomly. There is no limit – be as creative as you like! From beginners to professionals, everyone can join the contest.


Born to found a start-up

What makes a successful start-up entrepreneur? We wanted to find an answer to this question and therefore we asked our three founders, Michael Hurnaus, Michael Lettner and Michael Tschernuth why they decided to found Tractive, which challenges they faced during the process and why they were so sure that Tractive would be a success.


Wedding dog

Wedding with dogs – Make your dog part of this special day

The wedding. This unique day counts for many of us to one of the most beautiful days in our life and we want to celebrate this special day with our dearest ones. Stop! Have you forgotten someone? Yes, your beloved dog! Don’t leave your four-legged sweetheart alone at home on this special day. Include your dog on your wedding day. Not just as a simple wedding accessory, but their presence should symbolize their status as ‘a member of the family’. One of the best ways to include your pet is during the ceremony. Not sure what I mean?