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I cani rubano i calzini: il perché in 5 ragioni

Why do dogs steal socks?

Yes, dogs consume the strangest things. A nasty sock is a delicacy to your four-legged friend. While you may find it disgusting, it’s actually pretty natural, so you can’t blame him too much for stealing your knee-highs. But you might still wonder why dogs steal socks? Here are 5 reasons why dogs steal socks.

Socks are not that flavorful and they are definitively not part of a dog’s diet, so why are dogs so interested in stealing and eating socks? In order for you to understand a dog’s fetish for socks, you have to put yourself in the paws of a dog.

  1. It feels good to steak socks
  2. Your dog may be bored
  3. Your dog loves you
  4. You are untidy
  5. Your dog suffer from separation anxiety

1. It feels good to steal socks

Your dog doesn’t steal or eat socks because of hunger, but because…it feels good.

For puppies, chewing is part of the teething process, whereas for most grown-up dogs, the action of chewing on a sock is as irresistible as a chewing gum is for humans.

2. Your dog may be bored

dogs steal socks

Another reason why your dog steals socks is because it’s a sock he comes across while being indoors. Yes, your dog’s boredom – now you know it can be dangerous for your laundry!

When chewing turns into ripping the socks or the clothes apart, this is a clear sign that your dog has too much unreleased energy and needs to be walked or taken outside.

Always make sure that your dog is getting enough exercise, attention and the toys he or she likes (your old socks will do him or her good). As time passes, and as your dog’s activity level increases, he’ll probably figure out that there are much better ways to spend time rather than chewing up all your dirty socks.

3. Your dog loves you

We humans like clean socks. But that does not seem to apply to our furry companions. Believe it or not, your dog would much rather have the nastiest, dirtiest old gym sock than a clean one. Don’t judge him; another reason which explains this behavior is the love your dog feels for you.

Want to know if your dog loves you? Count the holes in your socks!

Ok, maybe it’s not love, but it’s… your smell. In fact, dirty socks smell like you and chewing on them makes your dog feel closer to his or her owner. When your dog chews on your socks, he feels like he is wrapped up in a security blanket.

4. Keep your room tidy, save a sock

If your room is untidy and laundry is in your dog’s reach, don’t blame him. How can he know that chewing on things which lay on the floor is now bad behavior?

So, keep your socks off the floor and out of reach. Only by doing so your dog will learn to distinguish what he should and should not have his paws on!

It’s not just about socks. In fact all your laundry items are a possible target 

5.  Separation anxiety

Dogs are social animals and when you’re gone, they miss you badly. It’s not uncommon for a dog to experience social anxiety and seek some sort of comfort when left alone.

Your socks, as said, can serve as a security blanket. Because they smell like you, they can make your dog feel less anxious during your absence. This does not mean a sock could ever replace the love you can give your dog so… forget doing your laundry and take your dog for a walk instead!

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Sarah is a Certified Fitness Trainer, pet lover and the happy owner of a 2-year-old Japanese Spitz named Bailey. Sarah spends a lot of time outdoors, running, hiking and biking. She loves inspiring Tractives all over the world with weekly pet tricks and tips.

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