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a cat's stories

A cat’s stories

Hi, my name is Spritzer and I am a Tractive cat. Last year I lost my way home, so now I’m not allowed to leave home without wearing my tracker. My mum thought it would be fun if I shared my adventures to show people how far I actually travelled and what I am up to now. So, I now have my own Facebook page promoting the Tractive device and showing people how it works. You can also follow me on Instagram where me and my mum share “a cat’s stories”. (more…)

offleash play

Freedom & offleash play with Tractive

Meet Sally, a two-year old Samoyed pup composed of fluff and mischief. She’s typical of her breed, being exceptionally friendly, fun-loving, high energy and very photogenic! She requires lots of exercise and offleash play to burn off all her energy. Luckily, we live in Scotland, with miles of unspoilt beaches, moorland and mountains within easy reach. However, there’s always that fear “what if I lose sight of her, how will I call her back?”. That’s where our Tractive GPS, we have the standard white model, has been invaluable. Whenever Sally’s been gone exploring for more than a minute, I can turn on the “LIVE tracking” and see exactly where she is. If she’s heading away from me, I whistle loudly to attract her attention before she goes out of hearing range. She’ll happily come running right back as she knows she’ll be rewarded with a hug and a tasty treat.


danger zone

Safe Zone as Danger Zone!

When the outside weather temperature permits it, Bubby-the-Cat heads out of the cat-door and free-roams our neighborhood for most of his day. People readily recognize him by his bright ginger-colored striped coat, and by that unusual looking white thing he wears on his cat collar. Keenly aware of my responsibility for Bubby’s safety, I tremendously value Bub’s Tractive GPS collar for monitoring his whereabouts. More than once my Tractive GPS has saved Bub from becoming lost when he wandered into unfamiliar territory.


Tractive GPS

Tractive GPS – I love it!

“I love the Tractive GPS, especially when I’m on holiday. Our holiday house has no fence and is located in the middle of the beautiful French nature, surrounded by woods. With the GPS we can always find our dogs if they suddenly go too far away. It’s a win-win situation – they have the freedom they want and we are sure they will not get lost. It’s also nice to see the 24-hour track. Without my Tractive GPS, I wouldn’t be able to relax. I love it!!” – Annelies De Prêtre


Tractive GPS Tracker

Teddy testing the Tractive GPS Tracker

Everyone who owns a cat knows the feeling of desperation and anxiety when their beloved fury friend is not coming home for a day or even just a couple of hours. It’s especially weird in the morning when they should be lining up for food. Since in our house live 5 cats (3 with our family, 2 with my grandmother), it’s easy to lose track of who is at home and who has been disappearing for some time. So, “Where is Teddy? Have you seen Minerva?” are standard questions everyday.