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biking with your dog

4 tips for biking with your dog

Even though we walk our four-legged friends several times daily, some dogs need more exercise than that. Healthy dogs need to run, and walking just isn’t enough exercise for them. Running with your dog is a great aerobic exercise, but many people can’t run or simply don’t like running. So how about biking with your dog? If you love to ride your bike and your dog loves to run, why not consider biking with your dog? Fresh air, exercise and time spent together – it doesn’t get much better than that, does it?


City dogs

Dog etiquette is important no matter where you live, but in bigger cities it’s even more important. City dogs face a lot of challenges when they are out for a walk,  other dogs, other people, garbage, traffic and noise at all times. These challenges require good behaviour, a keen sense of the surroundings, and good team work between dog and owner. Here are a few tips that will make life in the city with dogs a little easier and more comfortable – for everbody!


dog in heat

How to handle a dog in heat

If you have an unspayed female dog, knowing the symptoms of heat can be very important in order to manage her reproductive cycle. Learning the stages of the cycle will allow you to prepare for a dog in heat and the symptoms connected to the different stages. It could also help you prevent having new puppies when you actually didn’t plan for them and allow you to plan for puppies when you do want them.


Dog food & nutrition

Checking the safety of dog food has become a widening concern over the past decade, especially after the 2007 news regarding numerous recalls on China-sourced dog food. Dog owners have become more savvy consumers who carefully read labels and want to know where their dog food comes from (even when it’s made in America) and its contents.