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Keep Your Pet Healthy and Safe This Winter

For some of us, cold winter weather is annoying and unpleasant; for others, it’s a fun time filled with snowboarding, skiing and other winter joys. Whatever your viewpoint on winter, one thing remains the same for all of us with pets: winter is a time when our beloved four-legged friends need a little extra care. Here’s a list of tips to keep your pet healthy and safe this winter.


Winter holiday with your dog

The holiday season is upon us, and the whole family is looking forward to a joyful and relaxing time, and a well-earned winter holiday. But what about the dog? Are you concerned about what to do with your pet whilst you’re away? Don’t leave your best friend behind this winter! There are many ways to make the holiday pleasant for both you and your dog.


Mange in dogs

Mange in dogs – What can I do?

Is your dog scratching, biting, digging, and constantly trying to get rid of something that itches like crazy? Is he literally tearing holes in its skin to stop the insane itching? Then you are probably dealing with mange. Watching your pet suffer like that is heartbreaking, but luckily mange is treatable. Here’s what you need to know about mange in dogs.


Pet euthanasia – a painful decision

The choice of euthanizing a pet is one of the most difficult things for pet owners to do. But since euthanasia continues to be an option for all of us who do not want our terminally-ill pet to suffer, it is a decision some of us eventually have to face. Taking responsibility for a pain-free, peaceful death is the kindest act an owner can do for a much-loved pet. Be the best pet parent you can be and inform yourself about pet euthanasia.


Boost Your Dog's Immune System

Simple Steps to Boost Your Dog’s Immune System

We all love our dogs and we hate to see them feeling ill and in pain. We want them to play and and have fun, and have the energy to enjoy their lives. Basically, we want them to be healthy and happy! But, our dear pets are constantly exposed to things that can compromise their health. They are exposed to viruses, bacteria and parasites in vet offices, training buildings, on the streets, in dog parks and even open parks and fields. Whether you live in the city or the country, bacteria and parasites are difficult to avoid. The key to a healthy dog is not to keep him locked up at home, but to keep his immune system in top shape so he can quickly and effectively fight disease when it strikes. Follow these simple steps and boost your dog’s immune system.


Dog diarrhea – What to do?

Dog diarrhea is defined as an abnormal increase in the amount of fluid in the feces. It is often followed by excessively loose, watery and frequent stools. As a dog-owner, you probably know what this means. A sick dog, a stinky mess, countless trips outside, and a miserable experience for both you and your dog. Diarrhea may be short in duration, but can also last for weeks or months. The bad news: nearly all dogs get diarrhea sooner or later. The good news: most cases are mild and self-limiting. This article may help you be better prepared when diarrhea strikes.


DDog Dangers During Summer

6 Often Overlooked Dog Dangers During Summer

While it’s common knowledge not to leave a dog alone in a hot car, not even a warm one for that matter, there are other dangers lurking during the summertime. For example, this time of year, many car owners replace the coolant in their automobile radiators. Whether it’s through irresponsible disposal or just a small puddle, the main ingredient, ethylene glycol can cause serious illnesses or even death for a dog, even in small doses. So be careful not to let your dog drink from puddles and other places that could contain this lethal poison.