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Dog Walk on a rainy day

Even when the weather is really bad, dogs still need to go out to do their business and to get their daily amount of exercise. But rain is one of the most common problems a dog owner encounters when the weather turns bad. Should you really go out in the rain? Or should you try skipping the regular walk and just play inside and quickly let your pup outside whenever he has to go potty? There is actually nothing wrong with a dog walk in the rain if done properly.


dog walks

5 ways to make dog walks more fun

Dogs need exercise. They need to run, they need to walk and they need to move their bodies. However, it is very easy to fall into a routine of dull walks, and see walking as a duty, rather than something to be enjoyed by both you and your dog. So what do you do if the fun stops and you and your dog seem to just be going through the motions, bored and waiting for the walk to be over?


Shelter dog is cute dog in an animal shelter poking his nose through the fence wondering who is going to take him home.

Adopting a Shelter Dog

Saving a dog from a shelter is one of the best things a dog lover can do. But choosing the right one can be quite difficult. Being stuck in a shelter is a hard thing for a dog to go through and the surroundings in a shelter can make dogs depressed, scared, nervous and even manic. Therefore, it can be hard to know exactly what you’re getting and what they’re really like. Are you considering adopting a shelter dog? Here’s a few tips for a successful adoption.

service dogs

Service Dog – When most needed!

Dogs give us friendship, companionship and protection. They join us on holidays, join us for a run or when we relax on the couch. But, did you know that our furry companions actually do much more than that? Dogs are amazing creatures, capable of so much more than many of us realize. They provide our society with service and assistance and help people in need. The so-called Service Dog is not just here to be our friend, they are here to help us when most needed.


take your dog to work day

Take Your Dog To Work Day!

Friday 26th of June is TYDTW Day aka Take Your Dog To Work Day!

TYDTW Day was created in 1999 by Pet Sitters International to celebrate the great companions dogs make and promote their adoptions. The day offers employees to introduce their dog to co-workers. The idea is that dog-less co-workers will be encouraged to adopt when they witness the true bond between humans and animals.