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Tractive XL - Title

Big, Bigger, Tractive GPS XL

It is common practice to make electronic gadgets smaller and smaller. Hardware from tech firms all over the world is made smaller and lighter. But keeping things small comes with a cost. Smaller devices may not keep the power as long for example.
We at Tractive thought a lot about how we can get more battery power into our GPS devices. But instead of making our tracker even smaller we’ve built a new larger one – The Tractive GPS XL.


Augmented Reality Header

Use Augmented Reality to find your pet

Since Pokemon Go was released, consumers have gotten a lot more familiar with the “Augmented Reality” feature for apps. We, at Tractive, love this feature and we have now found a whole new way to find your dog in the woods.

A few weeks ago, we launched the new Tractive Augmented Reality Premium feature. Interested? Here’s a little update and some information about the new feature:


The new Tractive Webapp

Not long ago we updated our website and adjusted it to fit our smartphone apps. The new user interface is now very similar on every platform and is providing an easier and more convenient navigation than the old website.

Despite the fact that the new Tractive webapp is pretty self-explanatory, here’s a small guide in case you don’t find all the features that are available.