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Why it does make a difference where you complete your summer internship

We are all familiar with this situation. The study semester is almost over and not a single thought has been given to applying for summer internships yet. Between exam stress and paper submissions, finding an internship seems an impossible task. This is completely understandable. However, it does make sense to spend some time preparing one’s application documents and searching for a meaningful summer internship. But maybe you are asking “Why?”

We will give you our top three reasons!



Intern Spotlight: Marketing

We are often asked what an internship at Tractive is like and what better way to find out than having the interns tell us themselves! Our 3 Marketing interns are Christina, Daniel, and Florian. In the following interview, they will tell us what they like most at Tractive and give us insights in their areas of responsibility and future plans!


Born to found a start-up

What makes a successful start-up entrepreneur? We wanted to find an answer to this question and therefore we asked our three founders, Michael Hurnaus, Michael Lettner and Michael Tschernuth why they decided to found Tractive, which challenges they faced during the process and why they were so sure that Tractive would be a success.