Meet Sally, a two-year old Samoyed pup composed of fluff and mischief. She’s typical of her breed, being exceptionally friendly, fun-loving, high energy and very photogenic! She requires lots of exercise and off the leash play to burn off all her energy. Luckily, we live in Scotland, with miles of unspoilt beaches, moorland and mountains within easy reach. However, there’s always that fear “what if I lose sight of her, how will I call her back?”.

That’s where our Tractive GPS, we have the standard white model, has been invaluable. Whenever Sally’s been gone exploring for more than a minute, I can turn on the “LIVE tracking” and see exactly where she is.

If she’s heading away from me, I whistle loudly to attract her attention before she goes out of hearing range. She’ll happily come running right back as she knows she’ll be rewarded with a hug and a tasty treat.

Dogs just wanna have fun

To us, Sally wearing her Tractive GPS means she spends less time leashed and has more time for off the leash play, which means a happier and more thoroughly exercised pup. Plus, all the extra opportunity we have to practice “come back” has led to Sally having more dependable recall. This means she can now be safely allowed off leash in new and unfamiliar places. We are currently exploring Scotland, and have plans to travel to Ireland and to continental Europe in the near future.

Yes, Sally will most definitely be wearing her Tractive GPS on holiday as it works across country borders.

Tractive provides peace of mind

Sally has good recall for a sled-dog, but that’s not to say that if a deer crossed the trail she wouldn’t give chase and run for miles, she would!

And that’s the other reason I have her wear her Tractive GPS. Should the worst ever happen, and she gave chase and ran out of recall range, her Tractive GPS would permit me to find her again.

I pray this scenario never happens, but it’s very reassuring to know that the Tractive GPS is there, just in case. An overnight charging cycle every 2-3 days is sufficient to power it, and by keeping it clipped to her collar we never leave the house without it. It’s become an essential piece of the Sally kit. I’d recommend it to every dog owner! Cause let’s face it, you can’t predict when your dog might stray, and wouldn’t you like to see exactly where they are? I know I do, that’s why Sally wears her Tractive GPS!

You can’t predict when your dog might stray – Tractive GPS gives you peace of mind!

Sally lives with Claire, a professional marine and molecular biologist, full-time dog mama, and part-time sailor, traveller, science-communicator and photographer. Sally goes everywhere with her, and is teaching her that dog behaviour is a lot more complicated than it sounds! She’s passionate about educating people and their pets in how to responsibly enjoy their time outdoors. Sally is passionate about offleash play and enjoying herself, meaning muddy paws and dirty towels are facts of life! Follow us on Instagram @babydirewolf.

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