Hi, my name is Spritzer and I am a Tractive cat. Last year I lost my way home, so now I’m not allowed to leave home without wearing my tracker. My mum thought it would be fun if I shared my adventures to show people how far I actually travelled and what I am up to now. So, I now have my own Facebook page promoting the Tractive device and showing people how it works. You can also follow me on Instagram where me and my mum share “a cat’s stories”.

I use the live-tracking feature if she is a little off her usual schedule. It’s great!

A cat’s stories: My mum’s point of view

The reason I bought Tractive GPS is that I like the fact that I can track Spritzer 24/7.

She was once missing for 5 days and Tractive now gives me peace of mind.

We are living in woodlands, at a large hospital ground, with so many places to get lost – but not anymore! I use the live-tracking feature if she is a little off her usual schedule. Normally, she is just running around on the field – probably hunting – but I can relax, which is great! I can also see when she is entering one of the hospital buildings and when nurses lock her out again. I even know when the restaurants are feeding her. There are no hiding places anymore.

Her longest distance is 4.6 km. That was on a warm summer day, so I’m expecting a lot more of those to come this year. Here’s a shot of  Spritzer enjoying her outside adventures. Sometimes, Spritzer journeys amaze me, but they help me understand much better the needs and behavior of my feline. Knowing where my fur ball is all the time not only gives me piece of mind, but it’s also a useful device for bonding with my cat.

A cat’s stories: My point of view

So I’ve just got back from a really wet adventure and my Tractive GPS tracker was very dirty. Mum was not happy, not at all! Can you believe that I have to listen to her complaining about leaving dirty paw prints on her nice black floors. What does she expect?

It’s raining and we played outside! She forgot to put the towels down, so now she has to mop again. I say that’s her own fault!

We live with Miss OCD herself – we deserve a medal each.

I decide to relax a bit while my Tractive recharges. Then I will go out to get as dirty as I can and later come back and trash this lovely clean floor as much as I can. But I guess she will turn on the live-tracking this time and be prepared for my arrival. Have a great day peeps!

Spritzer is a happy Tractive Cat since April 2017. She enjoys her outdoor adventures even more, knowing that she’s safe at all times.

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