This week, we wanted to give DIBS Rescue a shout out – the lovely folks who find loving homes for rescue and foster dogs in the greater Toronto Area – and share how they use Tractive GPS to keep four-legged pals safe. Thinking of adopting a dog yourself? Scroll down for tips from DIBS Rescue’s in-house experts.

Who are DIBS Rescue?

DIBS Rescue is a non-profit organization based out of Ontario, Canada. Their mission? To rescue and save homeless and abandoned dogs all over North America, and put them in loving homes.

Dogs In Better Spots – that’s what DIBS stands for. Spelled out, that translates to a team that works closely with volunteers, rescuers, vets, fosters and adopters to make sure each dog finds a family – and a place to call home. And to ensure their safety and well-being, DIBS uses Tractive GPS dog trackers on all foster dogs.

For example, these sweet pups below. 👇💙

(Pictured: Tractive GPS Dog Tracker)

Why does DIBS Rescue use Tractive GPS?

DIBS knows that dogs, especially rescues, can run away at anytime for a number of reasons. So, to help protect rescue dogs that are placed in foster homes from getting lost, DIBS makes sure each dog wears a Tractive GPS dog tracker during daytime hours.

A rescue dog has seen a lot of change in a short time – air and car travel, a new home. So, we got to thinking – “How can we keep our DIBS dogs as safe as possible while they get used to this lifestyle with their foster families?” The answer was clear: DIBS invested in 30 Tractive GPS dog trackers. Now, we always know exactly where they are, in real-time, with pinpoint accuracy.


DIBS chose Tractive based on the following criteria:

  • good battery life
  • unlimited range
  • great price
  • real-time tracking
  • being able to share location
  • coverage across multiple cell networks (a huge plus!)

Watch the video below to hear more from the DIBS folks on what Tractive means to them:

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Tips from DIBS for new dog parents

DIBS has the following tips for new dog parents, so keep these in mind if you’re considering adopting a dog:

  1. Before adopting a rescue dog, know the responsibility you are about to take on. If you feel you might be inclined to change your mind about your rescue dog because they vomit, or refuse to play fetch – think twice before adopting.
  2. Chances are, you’ll be adopting a dog that hasn’t had an ideal life – but with a lot of love and care, patience, training, time, and socialization – you can help your new dog become the best version of themselves.
  3. After adopting a rescue dog, your new friend will have a lot to take in. Give them some time to decompress – teach them, but don’t overwhelm them.
  4. As soon as possible, get a vet and dog trainer to help you best care for your new furry friend.
  5. If you need to find out where your dog is right now, tap LIVE in the Tractive GPS app to see your furry friend’s location in real time.
  6. More eyes are better than none. Share your dog’s tracker & location with family members, friends, or the dog sitter using the PREMIUM Family Sharing feature, so keeping your new rescue dog safe can be a team effort.

Donate your old Tractive GPS Tracker to DIBS

Have an old Tractive GPS tracker that’s no longer in use? If so, then you can donate it to a rescue dog at DIBS Rescue! Email or contact them on Facebook in a private message if you’d like to donate your used Tractive GPS.

The folks at DIBS even made a video of their furry friends in honor of Tractive GPS – our hearts are melting! Check out the video below to see their adorable dogs and the Tractive GPS tracker in action.

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