This is the story of how Imogen’s life was saved after she fell into a frozen lake. Thanks to her Tractive GPS Dog Tracker, her mom was able to find her and her sister and get them home safe. Read the heartwarming story below, written from Imogen’s perspective (with mom’s help)!

My name is Imogen, and today my Tractive GPS collar saved my life.

Mom let me and my sister out for a pee after she came home from work, and when she let us out she told us to stay in the yard.

But my naughty sister decided to chase something in the bush and we got very far away, very fast.

My sister decided to cross the water, something she had never done before. I’m new and I don’t know what ice is, so I followed her. After all, we were having a great adventure!

I didn’t know that I’m much bigger and heavier than her. She got across the ice, but before I knew it, I felt very, very cold. I tried to get out, but I was stuck.

Mom knew something was wrong because our GPS trackers told her we were far away (even though I was in the water!).

Mom got in her car and went to find us. She ran and ran and yelled for us. Mom came to where the map on her phone said I was, and she found me, very still in the ice and water.

I was about 20 feet from shore, broken through the ice and had been there a while. She couldn’t reach me and my legs wouldn’t work to try to get to her.

Mom ran to all the neighbors and found one to help. He came with his dog, who also wanted to come get me but his dad told him no. They found a canoe and tried to put it in the water. Suddenly my legs started to work, and I started to kick. The ice broke again and I was under the water, but I popped back up again.

Mom was screaming my name and really, really wanted me to come to her so I tried one more time. I found stronger ice and pulled myself out. I got off the ice but couldn’t walk anymore.

Mom ran and picked me up and ran with me and before I knew it I was in a warm bath tub. I don’t usually like baths but today I stood in the warm water for a very long time. Then I had some warm soup. Now I’m very sleepy and happy to be in Mom’s bed!

If Mom hadn’t given me my GPS tracker, I wouldn’t be here to tell of my adventure. Mom says my tracker saved my life, and thinks all the other dog Moms and Dads who have dogs or kitties who adventure should have one.

Thanks Tractive, I love my Mom so much and am happy I can snuggle with her tonight!

What do you think of Imogen’s story? Could your dog use a GPS tracker too?

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