Parsley the Maine Coon cat has wanderlust so bad his mom, Fiona Campbell-Smith, had to fit him with his own GPS cat adventure tracker.

”I have tried three different types of tracker and the one he wears now is the best – I can find him wherever he is,” says Fiona. “Parsley actually has two GPS cat trackers – so that one tracker is always charging while the other is being worn.”

Tractive GPS: The perfect adventure tracker

The first time Parsley disappeared he was about eight months old. Fiona didn’t know where he was and reported him missing at the vets.

When Parsley’s disappearing acts became a regular occurrence, Fiona invested in a Tractive GPS Cat Tracker – and suddenly got an amazing insight into her cat’s travels!

cat tracker

Parsley has now been wearing a Tractive device for about a year and there is no doubt it is saving his life. Even though he never leaves his home town, Fiona was surprised to see Parsley’s whereabouts.

“The Tractive GPS Tracker is a real lifesaver!”

Says Fiona:

He goes everywhere! His confidence knows no bounds. He has been in lots of different shops – Saint Saviour’s beauty salon, Rutherford’s hairdresser’s, Atlantis Leisure Centre, George Street Fish and Chip shop. He visits pubs, hotels and even churches…”

Tractive CAT Mini Location History

“He regularly goes to other people’s houses, whether he knows them or not, and he doesn’t care if they have another cat. He just walks past and makes himself at home. He even crashed a party once

“Sometimes I’m at my wits’ end with him as he causes so much worry, not to mention them midnight visits dragging him out of a pub – sometimes in my pyjamas! But there’s no doubt he’s special. He’s completely abnormal, but in a good way.”

Parsley, who just celebrated his second birthday recently, travels a great number of miles per day. Thanks to his Tractive adventure tracker, Fiona is now able to follow his trips – and keep him safe no matter how far he’s off wandering.

Fiona Campbell-Smith and Parsley are happy members of Tractive community since October 2016. The outdoor adventures of Parsley are much safer with Tractive GPS and you can follow her daily escapades on Facebook!

And if you’ve got an outdoorsy cat in need of an adventure tracker of their own…

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