Pet safe zone: Use the cool features of Tractive GPS

15 February 2019

Cat parents are getting creative in keeping their felines safe. Tractive GPS pet safe zone feature used in an original way: Find out how!

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When the outside weather temperature permits it, Bubby-the-Cat heads out of the cat-door and free-roams our neighborhood for most of his day. People readily recognize him by his bright ginger-colored striped coat, and by that unusual looking white thing he wears on his cat collar. Keenly aware of my responsibility for Bubby’s safety, I tremendously value Bub’s Tractive GPS collar for monitoring his whereabouts.

More than once my Tractive GPS has saved Bub from becoming lost when he wandered into unfamiliar territory.

Thinking outside the box/circle

We live within an irregularly shaped geographical area where using a circular or rectangular Safe Zone won’t do. Neither a circle nor a rectangle will cover the neighborhood to my satisfaction. I found success by thinking outside of the box (or circle).

Since the Tractive GPS sends notifications whenever a pet either enters or leaves a Safe Zone, I decided to reverse how I use a Safe Zone.

Instead of creating one Safe Zone, I surrounded my ‘safe area’ with variously shaped safe zones, tailored to the geography. I call them ‘Danger Zones.’ Now, when I receive an alert on my phone I interpret the alert to mean that my cat has wandered into a Danger Zone.

More Danger Zone benefits

A further benefit of setting up zones in this way is that a phone alert notification now tells me in which direction my cat is headed. For example, when I see the word ‘East’ on the notification I know I have plenty of time to consider my alternatives for going to get Bubby, because he is used to being in that area. When I see the notification word ‘West,’ however, I immediately go into panic mode. The west zone covers an area with a big highway and heavy commercialization which can be quite dangerous.

danger zone

Are you trying to use a Safe Zone in an irregularly shaped geographical area? Consider thinking outside the box/circle. Consider transforming your Safe Zones into Danger Zones. It works for Bubby!

Bubby the Cat is a lucky feline and a Tractive cat since April 2017. Her adventures are much safer with Tractive GPS for cats.

Are you also a cat parent and curious what your cat is up to when she wanders off from home? Tractive GPS is the perfect solution for this: Discover the main benefits of a GPS Tracker for your cat!

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