You’ve probably heard of some incredible lost dog stories – miraculous and heartwarming tales of dogs who found their way back home against all odds. Some were lost for years, and wandered thousands of miles. Some were saved by unconventional means, like a drone dog rescue. Unfortunately, in many cases of lost dogs, there’s no good news to share if the missing pet never returns home. Fortunately, GPS trackers for dogs like Tractive GPS are helping to make sure that dogs never get lost in the first place! So check out these ten lost dog stories about missing dogs who made it home safely (and in good time) thanks to Tractive GPS!

All of these stories are told / written by the pet parent and real Tractive GPS users ­čÖé

Winnie the Poo

Dog sitting on a tree stub and Tractive GPS app screenshot

Winnie the Poo was having a fab time running in the woods, but she took off after a creature. Unfortunately she went behind a deer fence and couldn’t find a way back to me. I was able to track her on her Tractive GPS but she kept running about hysterically, unable to get to me. I eventually managed to get her out a gate. I am not sure who was more relieved, her, me or her brother Chip!! The Tractive map shows her red journey. The yellow is the fence she was stuck behind. — Ashley

Lola lost in the forest

Brown and white fluffy dog sitting down lookup up, dog wearing red sweater and handkerchief

I lost Lola in Delamere forest. I started looking for her in the opposite direction; however, on the app I could see her coming towards me. Then, 30 seconds later I could see her in the distance on the horizon. I was so relieved! Tractive gives me peace of mind! — Rachael

Legolas and the escape of love

Dog wearing a blue harness laying in the grass

I was out with my dear Legolas and his Tractive well attached. We were in a park enjoying the nature and weather when suddenly his mating impulse made him run away towards scents of a female dog. I could only check my app to find him far far away and run to him to make him feel home again after his escape of love! — Michele

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Caught in a trap

Black lab dog laying on a purple blanket

Tractive saved my dog’s life! Two weeks ago, my dog escaped. I could see him walking around due to LIVE tracking. But when I checked later, he appeared to be in the same place for a while without moving. I had the exact location, so I went there with my daughter. We found our dog caught in a big trap. His leg was very inflamed due to the pressure. I managed to release the trap from him. If it weren’t for Tractive that day, he would have died there. THANK YOU TRACTIVE…THANKS A MILLION TIMES… — Stephanie

Jem the Romanian rescue-Beagle

Cute black and white Beagle dog laying on bed looking up close up

We got Jem, a Romanian rescue which is part Beagle, over a year ago. Whenever we went out for a walk, the Beagle instinct would kick in and nothing would bring her back to us until she was ready, or we could catch her. On one occasion she was tracked for 16 kilometres in 2 hours. On another occasion, we were called as she had got away from the dog walker. The Virtual Fence is an excellent tool at home or away on holiday. We were able to track her real-time from different countries. We couldn’t do without the Tractive. — Unknown

Emma on a rabbit chase

Portrait of a large brown dog outside

We were hiking and Emma spotted a rabbit. Of course she had to chase it. Unfortunately she ran off so far that she couldn’t find her way back. Luckily she had her tracker on so I wasn’t too worried. I could use the app to track her and she was very happy that we got reunited. We never leave home without Emma’s tracker. — Bart

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An escaping Golden Retriever

White golden retriever dog laying outside on concrete by water

Our 13 year old Golden retriever decided he doesn’t want to be left alone in our yard even for a short trip so he started escaping. Since he’s partially blind and deaf and because after long walks his legs get tired a lot – I decided it’s better to find him right away than to search for him for hours and hours. Now IF he manages to slip past 2 fences and gates – we can find him in 2 mins max. We have a peace of mind and he doesn’t care that he has a stylish accessory on his collar, he loves it! And so do we! — Maja

Following Sweet Pea

Dark brown spaniel dog sitting outside

Last September we treated ourselves to a holiday with the dogs in a charming cottage on the banks of the River Tweed. On the first morning there I was playing with one of our cockers alongside the river, when our son Simon shouted from the cottage that the two other spaniels had run out. They had absolutely no idea where they were. Panic! Luckily Sweet Pea had her Tractive tracker on and we followed her – it’s amazing how far and how fast disorientated cockers can travel. Did they swim the river or run to a bridge, we’ll never really know, but we would never have found them without Tractive. — Jo

Saved from a frozen creek

brown and black dog close up side portrait with tongue sticking out and black GPS tracker on collar

Tractive GPS saved my dog’s life today. She had fallen through ice on a creek that runs behind my home and was unable to get herself out. She was shaking uncontrollably with only her face sticking out of the water. If it hadn’t have been for the tracker, I would not have noticed that she was in danger! — Angela

Off like lightning

white dog and cat sitting together on a couch

Our young (2 years old) Golden Retriever saw a deer as we were walking him and he was off like a streak of lightning. After an hour we found him using Tractive, hooked by his collar to a bush. Without Tractive perhaps he would have never been found. — Emil

So there you have it: 10 lost dog stories where disaster was prevented thanks to the Tractive GPS Dog Tracker! Has Tractive helped save your dog too? Tell us your story.