To start with, we are really sorry that you are experiencing this sad situation and hope that our tips will help you be reunited with your furry friend in no time! Go quickly through the article and take immediate action to find your lost dog in Glasgow! So, where to start?

In case you own a Tractive GPS Tracker for your dog, you can now track their position in real time. Should this not be the case, make sure to follow these tips:

To-Do List, when your dog went missing or ran away

  1. Research the missing location properly
  2. Call the nearest animal shelters right away, to check whether they might have found your dog
  3. Inform your family and friends
  4. Create your missing dog poster
  5. Ask the animal shelters again
  6. Put your missing dog posters all around the city
  7. Share the missing dog posters on social media

When you share a post about your missing dog on Facebook, don’t forget to make it a public post, so that everyone is able to see and share it as well.

Missing dog in Glasgow

Overview to the animal shelters in your proximity, including telephone numbers, where you should call

In case your dog ran away, contact these animal shelters and organisations (best via telephone) and check whether someone has found your dog and brought it there:

Organisation name / Animal shelterTelephone numbers
Scottish SPCA centres0044 3000999999
Dogs Trust0044 2078370006
Scottish Animal Welfare0044 3000999000

In case you are looking for a complete overview of animal shelters in the UK, here you find 3 useful search engines for a broader search:

What pet information should the missing pet poster contain?

  • Pet type
  • Breed
  • Sex
  • Hair/Fur type
  • Special markings, patterns on the pet’s skin, fur, etc.
  • Other clues
  • Your contact information
  • Date when your pet went missing
  • Missing location
  • Picture of your four-legged friend

Preventive measures for not losing your dog again

Should you have recently lost your dog, we feel very sorry for this painful experience. Never lose hope: There are so many touching stories of pet parents who have been reunited with their favourite furry buddy after years!

If you’re thinking about getting a new dog, how can you make sure to avoid this worst case scenario for the future? There is a solution that prepares you and your dog for such situations: The Tractive GPS Tracker for dogs! With the GPS tracking device, you always know where your furry escape artist is, and can easily follow him on your smartphone!

Real-time tracking:
Due to the real-time location tracking feature you can see directly on your smartphone where your dog is right now
The device is 100% waterproof
35g light
Battery life:
2-5 days

Video report about a missing dog, who returned home after 8 years

Should all these measures not be of help, don’t despair! This touching story about a dog parent being reunited with his dog after 8 years shows you that sometimes, miracles do happen:

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