We always want to make sure our dogs are as happy and healthy as they could be, because a happy dog is a friendly and more lovable member of your family. Here you’ll find 5 easy steps to make your dog happy.

  1. Exercise & play
  2. Teach a new trick
  3. Spa days
  4. Take a trip
  5. Vet check & diet

1. Exercise & play

Exercise and play with your dog as much as you can. If you have time, you can go to the local park and play Frisbee. Your dog will love it and you will get plenty of exercise. You will both feel better and you will definitely make your dog happy.

2. Teach new tricks

Teach your dog a new trick he can show friends and family. Teaching your dog a new trick is a great way for you to spend time together, plus you’ll be providing your dog with a lot of mental stimulation and yummy treats.

3. Spa days

Dogs don’t need to be bathed every week, but regular spa days will keep them feeling fresh and clean. Give your dog a bath using a gentle shampoo that soothes his skin and fur. And don’t forget to clean the teeth and trim the nails. That way you’ll be getting rid of any allergens that might be on your dog’s body.

4. Take a trip

Like you, a dog can bored in the same home or environment. Even a trip in the car for a couple rounds around the block can be an exciting adventure. But plan your trips wisely. Look for places where dogs will be secure to run freely (such as a dog park or beach).

5. Vet check & diet

Keep your pup healthy with a nourishing, balanced diet and regular visits to the vet. Your dog will live longer, be healthier, and be a happier.

What do you do to make your dog happy? We would like to know. Please leave a comment below.