5 things you should know about dogs

There are quite a lot of things you should know about dogs. Many experts around...

There are quite a lot of things you should know about dogs. Many experts around the world teach different methods of dog training and write about dog tips & tricks. One of them is Cesar Millan, a Mexican American self-taught dog trainer and dog expert, whose advice on dogs can be very helpful. Therefore, I would like to introduce you to a few tips, from Cesar Millan, on how to be the best pet parent possible!

1. Dogs are not humans

Our four-legged friends do not have the same needs as we have, and they see the world from another perspective. They do not get impressed by material things such as high quality dog clothing, expensive toys or big houses. They just want to have regular care, activity and exercise, and an owner who is reliable and shows affection. 

2. Affection at the wrong time can promote bad behavior

To praise an anxious, nervous, aggressive or frustrated dog can have fatal consequences. Your dog will not get calm, but on the contrary, he will think that the negative behavior is okay. It is better to give your four-legged friend treats and affection after exercises, trainings or desired behavior. 

3. First of all, dogs discover the world with the nose

If you meet a foreign dog for the first time, you can gain his trust by giving him the opportunity to discover your smell. Eye contact should remain in the background. However, many people communicate with their dogs in the wrong order because they first use the voice signals and gestures and completely ignore the smell.

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4. It is not the breed

Many people believe that the behavior of the dog is motivated by the race. All dogs actually share the innate abilities but are raised differently. Therefore, some breeds develop their qualities in a stronger and/or different way than others. If you want a dog it is important that you find one that suits your lifestyle and your level of energy. Try to choose a dog with an energy level equal to or lower than your own.

5. Dogs need leadership

A strong, reliable leader is a prerequisite that your dog feels comfortable. Otherwise it will lead to neuroses, fears or even aggression. The perfect dog leader is one who adheres to the rules and guidelines “practice, discipline and affection”.

Things you should know about dogs

What else do we need to know about dogs? Please give us some tips!


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