As a dog owner, you have to follow certain rules, laws and prohibitions. It is your responsibility to manage your pets’ behavior and follow the rules of etiquette. Therefore, it is important that you, as a responsible and conscientious dog owner, set a good example for other pet parents. Keep these 8 important rules in mind to help your dog to get along with others.

The 8 most important rules to help dogs getting along

#1 Warm welcome

If your dog meets family members or friends, he is of course allowed to give them a warm welcome. However, you should teach your dog not to jump on you or others. Some people might find it very annoying and others might be afraid of a jumping dog.

#2 Good behaviour

As a dog owner, it is important to teach your dog good manners and good behaviour. Yes, your dog is allowed to bark when strangers enter the house, but if you say “Stop”, he should stop immediately. Some people have a hard time setting boundaries, but dogs need rules and limitations. Here you can see the 5 most common mistakes new dog owners make.

#3 Important commands

As your dog should know how to react in any kind of situation, it is important to teach him the most important dog commands. There are many different ways to train your dog and teach him basic commands.

#4 Good dog leash training

If you spend a lot of time in public places, walking in the city or in public parks, then you have to teach your dog how to behave on leash. Like many other kinds of training, teaching a dog to walk nicely on leash will require some time and effort. But the payoff is a dog who is a pleasure to walk.

Good behaviour

#5 No barking

Dogs barking at the neighbours or other dogs and animals can be pretty annoying and irritating. If your dog has made a habit of barking at other dogs, you will need to train him and try different strategies to stop this bad behavior.

#6 No begging

Begging for food is one of the most common behavior problems that dog owners face, but also one of the most difficult ones. Who can say no to those big, puppy dog eyes? Begging may seem cute, but it can actually lead to bigger problems like jumping, pawing and even barking. So stop the begging behaviour before it’s too late.

#7 Relaxation

If you meet a friend at a café and you have to bring your dog with you, he should know how to behave. Teach him how to relax and be quiet under the table or next to you. If your dog spends the entire time trying to steal food, whining, or barking at other guests, he might not be ready for a café date. And keep in mind that even if your dog is well-behaved, you never know when a surprising incident might set them off. With a GPS dog tracker you can always locate him with your smartphone.

#8 No shoe chewing

Chewing is a perfectly normal behavior for dogs of all ages. It’s normal for puppies and dogs to chew on objects as they explore the world. But why always your favourite shoes? It is very important that you teach your dog what is okay to chew and what is not. A chew toy is OK, your new sneakers are not…No exceptions! Find out: Why do dogs like socks?