The 7 best gifts for dog lovers in 2019

7 November 2019

If you're looking for a nice gift for your own fur-baby or your friends' dog, then check out this article for tons of inspiring ideas for the perfect dog present!

The 7 best gifts for dog lovers in 2019

It’s not always easy to find the perfect Christmas gifts for friends and family. If you’re searching for the right gift for a dog lover or the purrfect present for a cat owner, then sit back and relax: the desperate searching has come to an end. We hereby present the 7 best gifts for dog owners, which every dog lover will be excited about!

The 7 best gifts for dog owners in 2019


#1 Petcube Play 2

Boredom is so yesterday. Petcube Play 2 is fitted with a wide-angle camera (180°), microphone, loudspeaker and laser-pointer toy. With it, dog owners are able to communicate with their fur-babies while away from home, through their smartphone, to ensure that everything is alright and no wild parties are going on.

#2 Tractive GPS DOG

The safety of their four-legged friend is of highest priority for every dog lover. Tractive GPS DOG shows the current whereabouts of the dog at any time and worldwide, in the Tractive GPS app. Should the tail-wagger leave the predefined safe area, aka Virtual Fence (for example the garden), the dog owner receives a notification on the smartphone. Furthermore, the activity of the dog is also recorded and useful information about his or her health is provided.

#3 Vivadogs Box

In the Vivadogs Box dog lovers can find high quality products in original size for a value of 40€. The product selection ranges from doggie snacks to toys and care products. Fancy dog products are also a special feature of the box. Did you ever hear about dog beer? Or dog pralines?

#4 Lill’s Organic Dog Store

At Lill’s Organic Dog Store you find everything that dogs and dog parents crave for. Care products, collars and leashes, dog beds, dog food… here all doggy wishes come true. From the packaging to the products, everything is made with the environment in mind and this is what makes Lill’s Organic Dog Store special. Made with love and care, their thoughtfully-crafted gift boxes make a great Christmas present.

#5 Poppy & Ted Leashes

At Poppy & Ted you can find super cute dog leashes and harnesses in very attractive designs. Their aim is to create essential, stylish walking accessories and whoever said essential has to mean boring? Delight yourself!

#6 Twisted Twee Dog Pillowcases

Cuddle with your favourite furry friend also on your pillow! These silk screen Twisted Twee Dog Pillowcases are carefully printed onto 100% luxurious Egyptian cotton. Each order is packed in a bright bijou cotton gift bag, which makes them a great choice for a present.

#7 Homemade Dog Treats

Cookies? Where? What kind? Without a doubt, cookies simply belong to the Christmas season. Not only us humans are excited about the culinary revelation. Our little furry friends are at least as excited as we are when it comes to delicious treats. That’s why we did not hold back and collected the 3 best recipes for dog treats.

You are now well equipped with cool ideas for the upcoming holiday season and you can surprise your friends with inspiring gifts for dog lovers. We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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The 7 best gifts for dog lovers in 2019

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