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Your dog’s BMI

Calculate your dog’s BMI

Nowadays, obesity is one of the fastest growing health problems for dogs. The health risks to overweight dogs (underweight dogs as well) are serious and, therefore, every dog owner should be aware of them. Since weight is used as a measure of health it is important to weigh your dog regularly and calculate your dog’s BMI (Body Mass Index) – We show you how!

Body Mass Index – BMI

BMI is a value, normally for humans, used to determine whether a person is overweight, underweight or normal weight. The calculation is quite simple:

Weight in kg / (height in m * height in m)

This scale, however, can’t be used for dogs due to the big variation between breeds! The PetSci pet BMI Calculator, however, is made to calculate the BMI for pets by bringing the different breeds into the calculation  – Clearly, an ideal BMI for a Chihuahua isn’t going to be ideal for a St. Bernard!

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The PetSci pet BMI Calculator uses breed specifications to determine an upper and lower BMI limit. Values above the upper limit means overweight, values below the lower limit means underweight.

Try out the PetSci pet BMI Calculator here and see where your pet is placed on the scale.

More movement, better health, happy pet!

Dogs carrying extra kg of weight place extra demands on virtually all the organs of their bodies. When the organs are overloaded, disease and sometimes death are the consequences. Keeping your pet active, and within the limits of the weight scale, is not just for fun, it’s actually lifesaving.

Are you the owner of an overweight dog? Or are you simply just interested in keeping your four-legged friend healthy and fit? Then try the Tractive Motion Activity Tracker. Tractive Motion tracks your pet’s movement 24 hours a day and provides detailed statistics of your pet’s activity level directly on your smartphone. You can see if your dog is lazy, moderately active or high active and you will be notified if your dear pup needs more movement. Motion is a great way for you and your pet to stay active and healthy together.

Your dog will be happy about that extra walk!

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Sarah is a Certified Fitness Trainer, pet lover and the happy owner of a 2-year-old Japanese Spitz named Bailey. Sarah spends a lot of time outdoors, running, hiking and biking. She loves inspiring Tractives all over the world with weekly pet tricks and tips.

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