Dog breed compatibility is something to keep in mind when you are thinking about getting yourself a second dog. A specific dog breed determines the nature of the dog but it’s also true that just like “every dog has it’s day”, dogs can vary drastically even if they’re from the same breed. Going outside these particular dog breed parameters, there are some rules of thumb to follow.

dog breed compatibility

For example, grouping a puppy together with an older dog may (or may not) be a good idea. A senior canine might take this challenge in a care-giving fashion especially with a female, while a hyperactive youngster may be seen as an annoyance to another animal, like a territorial male who has already established their place in the family. But some of these dog behaviours are specific to certain dog breeds, that’s why dog breed compatibility is very important if you are thinking about having a second dog.

Dog breed compatibility: Who’s your dog’s good fit?

Recently we posted an article about some simple steps towards dogs and cats getting along together, but what about dogs with other dogs? Is there a secret formula for combining them with the same breed? Do other breeds get along better with opposing ones? Let’s look at this interesting doggie dilemma in some ways that certain dog breeds seem to mesh well with others. Some of these examples include:

The American Beagle

A friendly little companion, this hunting dog is actually well-known for traveling in packs so it generally gets along with other canines.

Australian Shepherds

One of the most intelligent breeds, these working dogs have been herding livestock for centuries. They have a natural instinct when it comes to interacting with other animals. If you already have an “alpha” male in your mix and you’re bringing in another little pup into this equation, they should mesh well together.

The Beloved Collie

Who can forget Lassie, one of literature and media’s most famous “mutts?” Another working dog, this breed is skilled as both a service dog and working animal. They’re equipped to get along with others, both four-legged and two.

Those Adorable Little Corgis

The Corgi breed may have been brought into the limelight as associated with the Queen Mother of England since this these are her “go-to” dogs of choice.

German Shepherds

Another highly intelligent breed, if they are trained and exercised properly, they have a natural tendency to be a protector. At this point, we should remember German Shepherds once had a pretty bad reputation since they’re commonly associated with ferocious forces like police, the military, and scary security animals. But this is all about training, their upbringing, exposure, etc. They’re actually lovable, attentive, well-behaved, intelligent animals who are easily trained.

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