You love to spend time outside with your dog, but also want to meet up with friends in a cozy cafe. Why not take your four-legged friend with you? Follow these 10 tips for turning your dog into the perfect guest!

But first: Are dogs allowed in a cafe?

There is no general answer to this question. That’s why it would be best to call the cafe in advance and they’ll tell you. Dogs are allowed in some coffee houses, but very often only with a leash and dog muzzle.

Dog cafe? Must-knows before your visit

Your dog should know the basic commands to relax. Practice “Place” and “Down” regularly and try to be consistent with your practice! Once you’ve succeeded, you’re halfway there. Don’t forget to socialise your dog, which is best done at puppy age. Socialising your dog means getting him used to:

  • Sounds
  • Other dogs or pets
  • Crowds
  • Public transports

As an example: your dog will be more relaxed in a café where there are other people around only if he’s already used to people.

Follow these 10 tips to help your dog sit still

Use his energy: go for a walk with your dog before visiting the cafe or restaurant. This way, he will not have a full bladder or be agitated. Also, most probably, he’ll be exhausted from the effort and will want to relax.

Timing: try not to organize the first dog cafe visit during happy hour. The first experience should be as relaxed as possible.

Seat: choose a table in the corner to give your dog a good all-around view. In addition, he can make himself comfortable in the corner and avoid getting in people’s way.

dog cafe tips and tricks to keep your dog calm

Stress: avoid self-service restaurants, because there is often a lot of foot traffic. Furthermore, your dog can interpret you getting up as a command to start walking.

Toys & Co: Decorate his corner with familiar objects. A favourite toy (maybe not the loud squeaky duck) and his familiar sleeping blanket would be perfect.

Begging and feeding ban: Nothing is more annoying, then when dogs in the cafe constantly beg for food. Ideally, you’ll teach this command to your dog as a puppy. You should also avoid feeding him local dishes, as you don’t know exactly what ingredients are in it.

Farewell: not your dog, but you decide when  it’s time to go. Is your dog whining? Then don’t reward him by leaving the cafe. First, let him calm down and then go home with him. Otherwise, you condition him to think that whining means to go home immediately.

Leash: do not tie your dog to the table or armchair unless you have a very small dog. One slip is enough for chairs & co to start flying through the air. If you’re not sure that your dog will stay in your proximity, attach a Tractive GPS Tracker on his collar. This way, you can have peace of mind that you are always able to track your dog from your smartphone and be prepared for all type of scenarios, where you might lose your dog out of sight. Want to know more benefits of Tractive GPS for your dog?

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Water: if there is no water bowl available at the dog cafe house, make sure to pack one so your dog can satisfy his thirst.

Praise: if your dog lies relaxed on the ground, then reward him now and then with a treat for his good behaviour.

These simple tips will make your next visit to the local cafe house with your dog a pleasant experience for both of you!

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