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dog sports

Dog sports

Generally speaking, a leashed walk with your dog around the block just isn’t going to cut it. For some dogs, regular walks and access to a big backyard just aren’t enough activity. Most dogs need 30 to 60 minutes of exercise a day, and those with a high activity level need much more. Do you want to give your pet some extra stimulation, physically and mentally? Try out these different dog sports.

More exercise? Dog sports!

All dogs need some degree of exercise, and most dogs will thrive with extra stimulation. Dog sports are great options to bring more exercise into your dog’s life and keep your pup both physically and mentally healthy. These days, however, the choices in dog sports are almost endless. As a general rule, the best ways to keep your dog challenged mentally and physically is to get it involved in a sport that makes the most of its natural instincts. Here’s a list of fun sports you and your dog will love.


Agility is a competitive dog sport that takes place within an obstacle course. Very active dogs are ideal candidates for high-performance sports like agility, though almost any healthy dog can participate.


An incredible dog sport that is exciting for you and your dog.



Be sure your dog has a thorough veterinary evaluation prior to starting any dog sport. Once your vet gives clearance, you can consider some of these top dog sports that can challenge your dog’s mind and body.

Where to get exercise

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