Dogs and Christmas trees hold on to our imagination whenever we picture a happy family gathered for the Christmas holidays. And that’s because during this time of the year, our dogs love to be part of the celebrations. Unfortunately this also means that your dog will be all over your Christmas tree as soon as you put it up. What to do in such cases?

Dogs and Christmas Trees: Fun at first sight

Christmas is the time of the year when your house attracts more guests, food, and sounds than usual. This can heavily affect your pup, making it highly excitable and full of energy. All those ribbons that wrap up the gifts at the feet of your Christmas trees will arouse your dog’s curiosity more than anything! Your dog will naturally be inclined to chew on them and mark the territory around. Don’t worry: we have a way around it.

Paws off! Three ways to keep your dog away from a Christmas tree

dog and christmas tree

It may seem like an impossible mission, but there are several ways to keep Christmas trees, presents, and your dog’s feelings safe all at the same time. Here’s how:

1. Put a baby gate around your Christmas tree

If you want your Christmas tree to be sheltered from your dog’s fun-attacks, what you could do is put a baby gate around it. This prevents the dog from getting too close and keeps your Christmas gifts safe. You can wrap some Christmasy coloured bands around the baby gate, or you can even light it up if you wish to. Decorating the baby gate will make your home look fabulous during the Christmas holidays!

2. Put the Christmas tree on a stand

Opt for a smaller tree this year and place it on a 3-foot stand. Place all your Christmas gifts on the same stand, so that nothing lies on the floor. In this way, dogs can’t chew on the decorations, or go potty on your Christmas tree.

3. Keep it fake

This year, opt for a fake Christmas tree. While live Christmas trees are highly admired by people, and dogs and cats alike – that’s not always good news. Real Christmas trees can be extremely dangerous to your pet. The branches and needles could irritate your pet’s muzzle and there is a high risk that the chemicals used to preserve live Christmas trees could poison your dog or cat.

Dogs and Christmas trees: decoration tips

If you cannot keep your dog or cat away from your Christmas tree, that doesn’t mean you can’t choose your decorations smartly. This year, follow these tips and decorate your Christmas tree in a pet-friendly way:

  • Unplug the lights when nobody’s home
  • Decorate with bells so that you will be alerted – by their chiming – when your pets go exploring
  • Keep the breakable objects higher up on the tree

Christmas trees should always be placed in a room that can be closed. Closing the door prevents your pet from getting into trouble when he’s left home alone during the Christmas holidays.

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