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funny dog walks

Funny dog walks

Biscuits, chocolate, goodies and no exercises. After Christmas everyone knows what it means. The first New Year resolution is almost the same like the years before and you broke it of course: More exercises. But now we have a big challenge for you!

All you need is your dog, yourself and the Tractive Dog Walk App. This allows you to track every dog walk with your four-legged friend and you can also see the distance and the duration.


Download the Tractive Dog Walk App now!

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But which challenge do we have for you?

The “normal” walks with your dog can be really boring after some time. Therefore you can try some extraordinary and funny dog walks with the Tractive Dog Walk App. How would it be with a heart? Or a star? Do you have some more ideas?

Funny Dog Walks

We have already collected some really funny Dog Walks from our customers, which we wanna show you of course. Here you can see the Dog Walks:


Is it possible for your dog and yourself, to imitate these Dog Walks? We are excited!

Share your results on Facebook and mark our Tractive Facebook-Page with @Tractive! The funniest Dog Walk will win!

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