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GPS Montage bei Katzen

GPS for cats – how to use the Tractive GPS 2 device for cats

From time to time, we get questions about the use of our GPS trackers on cats. Most of the time we are asked if it’s even possible to use it on a cat. The answer is, yes! The Tractive GPS tracker works for cats too. To show you how it’s done, and to show you how easy it is to mount it, we arranged a spontaneous shooting with our model “Roxy”.

GPS for cats: Preparations

Unlike dogs, cats are not used to wear collars. That’s why we recommend a cat harness for the Tractive GPS Tracker. The most important thing is to mount the Tracker on the back of your cat. Attaching it around the neck may limit your cats movements and will probably bother your cat. A harness, on the other hand, makes it very easy to mount the Tractive GPS Tracker on the back of your furry friend. We used the following cat harness for Roxy.

attach GPS for cats to a harness

In addition to the harness, we used our new Tractive GPS 2. Tractive GPS 2 is the smallest and lightest device in our product portfolio and is, therefore, the best device for your feline friend.

Tractive GPS for cats, dogs and other animals

The best way to mount the Tractive GPS cat tracker

In order to attach the Tractive GPS tracker to your cat’s harness you have to use one of the two clips included in the package. Depending on the thickness of the harness you can choose between a S clip or an L clip.

  • “L” clips are for collars or harnesses with a thickness between 3-5 mm
  • “S” clips are for collars or harnesses with a thickness between 1-3 mm

Below you can see the beautiful photos of Roxy with her harness and the Tractive GPS 2 tracker. Roxy was not harmed in any way. In fact, she actually really enjoyed the shooting.

And of course, she was generously compensated for her time and effort 😉

Do you want know more about GPS tracking for cats? Then you can read the customer story about Parsley the Maine Coon cat on adventure with his GPS cat tracker

Tractive GPS for cats: shooting with Roxy

One thought on “GPS for cats – how to use the Tractive GPS 2 device for cats

  1. The device looks quite big even on a Maine Coon, but I think it could work if it’s securely attached on the cat’s back. I have an Exotic Shorthair with a short neck, and there is no way this could be attached directly to the collar, since it would sit just under the chin and bother the cat. I’ve been using a smaller RF device hanging from the collar all summer, but this is not ideal either, as the cat plunges it in water and dirt. Very eager to try this one next year!

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