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How to walk your dog better, more often and with more motivation

Walk your dog once and you will soon understand how important this regular activity is for you and your dog. If different factors (e.g.: breed, size, energy level, diet…) affect how many times per day you should walk your dog, what does it mean to do it right?

How often should you walk your dog?

When it comes to define how many times you should walk your dog, you should make no generalizations. It all depends on factors like:

  • Your dog’s breed
  • Your dog’s age, size and health conditions
  • Your dog’s eating habits

A walk once a day could be enough for some dogs and too less for others, such as the high-energy dog breeds, who require more walks per day.

As a general rule, you should walk your dog 3 – 4 times per day.

Make sure that your dog burns energy by running and playing and consult a vet for more specific training plans or eating regimes to combine with physical activities, if needed.

8 energetic dog breeds

walk your dog

If you’re an active person looking for a dog to match your liveliness, choosing a high-energy dog will be suitable to your lifestyle. High-exercise dogs need a lot of activity, so be sure to give your dog plenty of attention and space in which to romp. Here’s a list high-energy dog breeds:

  1. Border Collie
  2. Australian Shepherd
  3. Dalmatian
  4. Irish Setter
  5. Rhodesian Ridgeback
  6. Weimaraner
  7. Labrador Retriever
  8. Siberian Husky

Walk your dog better

Walking is a big part of a dog owner’s life. When you walk your dog you contribute to improving your dog’s social behavior, as well as strengthening the bond that tights you two together.

If you want to walk your dog better, you should start seeing dog walks as funny moments in the day. Without realizing it, you will be having fun while working towards keeping your dog healthy.

The hidden benefits of walking your dog

Walking your pup can also help reduce destructive chewing or scratching (should this be an issue your dog is facing).

Dogs are like children—if you don’t give them something constructive to do, they might take matters into their own paws.

However, the benefits of walking your dog well and on a regular basis are not just for your dog. Spending time outside can boost your fitness as well as increase your overall sense of well-being. Daily walks can lower blood pressure, strengthen your bones and slash your diabetes risk. Who knows…you may even lose a few kilos in the process!

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Sarah is a Certified Fitness Trainer, pet lover and the happy owner of a 2-year-old Japanese Spitz named Bailey. Sarah spends a lot of time outdoors, running, hiking and biking. She loves inspiring Tractives all over the world with weekly pet tricks and tips.

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