Professional Dog Walking

Walking your dog can be a great way to unwind from a busy day and provide both of you with immense joy from being outside in the fresh air. If having a happy dog to accompany you doubles the smile on your face, then perhaps professional dog walking is for you! Whether you are a professional dog walker or someone with some spare time on weekends, here are a few tips to ensure your walks run smoothly.

Finding the Right Dogs & People

Dogs come in many shapes and sizes but they must all be walked, and not every owner has time every day. Many dog breeds need varying levels of activity, so walking the same breeds or groups of dogs who have similar energy levels can be very practical. So, connecting with local dog clubs can be a great place to start looking for new clients.

If you want to take your dog walking to the next level, then look into online resources that not only helps you find new clients, but also helps build up your repertoire. Services, such as, make it very easy to connect with clients who want their dogs to get the exercise they need and who want experienced dog walkers. Rover also makes managing reviews and handling payments a walk in the park.

Safety & Responsibility

Showing responsibility is key. Not just for building your reputation, but also for establishing trust. Whenever you walk a dog, you are essentially taking care of someone’s baby, so make sure you do everything you can to ensure their dogs are kept safe.

Attaching a Tractive GPS tracker to any dog you manage is a fantastic way to ensure that even the most tricksy dogs never escape. Not only does this bring extra peace of mind to dog owners, but it also allows you to walk with confidence knowing you have one more layer of safety and protection for your dogs.

Hint: Using the popular PREMIUM tracker sharing feature, you can even send the dog owners the real-time location of their dog when going for a walk.

Discover more great features you get with our selection of Tractive GPS trackers, such as LIVE tracking and Virtual Fences by clicking the link below.

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