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Did you know that? – Interesting facts and figures about pets 62% of U.S. households...

Did you know that? – Interesting facts and figures about pets

62% of U.S. households own a pet. About 86,4 million cats and 78 million dogs.  10.000.000 pets go missing every year.

15% of pet owners announced their pet as lost in the last 5 years. Often they escape from home and do not find the way back.  When small pets run away they often run up to 1 km away from their home. Big, fast dogs might run up to 8 km away from their home. Most of the missing pets can be found within a radius of 3,2 km from their home base.

If a pet has not been found within 12 hours, there is 67% less chance to get it back. Finding a lost pet would only take a few minutes with a Tractive GPS Pet Tracker!

There are three major reasons why pets run away. Opportunistic: They discover a way to escape, and curiosity leads them away. Exploration: They actively escape because they want to explore the neighborhood. Panic/fear: They run away as a reaction to an unexpected event.

One of the most common myths and misconceptions among pet owners is the use of a implanted microchip. 78% of pet owners believe, that the implanted microchip helps them to find a lost pet. But, a chip only helps when somebody finds the pet and takes it to the vet who has access to right database!


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