Manage Virtual Fence notifications

Your dog just left the safe area but you’re missing notifications? Of course, this should...

23 June 2015



Your dog just left the safe area but you’re missing notifications?

Of course, this should not happen at all! It’s one of the most important features of Tractive. Our customer support agents get this question a lot – Why didn’t I get any notification? Don’t worry, we have a few troubleshooting tips that may help you out.

Are the push notifications in general enabled on your smartphone?

(iOS only)
Click on settings and scroll down until you see the Tractive GPS app. There you can manage which kind of notifications we are allowed to show you.

safezone iOS settings

Are the push notifications enabled for your account?

Please visit the website and check your account settings.

safezone enabled push notifications

Is the Virtual Fence enabled?

  • Please open the drawer on the left side on your phone and click on the little “i” next to your desired pet. In the next list view, you’ll find the option to edit the Virtual Fence in the appropriate category.

Edit Virtual Fence

  • On the website, please click on Virtual Fence icon on the top right corner of the screen. After that the Virtual Fence will appear and you can adjust its size and position.
    Safezone webapp
    To confirm your changes please hit the Virtual Fence button again.
    Safezone webapp

Other reasons

  • Is your Virtual Fence in general set to the correct place?
  • Do you have internet on your smartphone/tablet?
  • Did you misspell the e-mail address on the website?
    (only for e-mail notifications of course)
  • If none of these tips are helping you, please contact the support team.
    We are here to help you!

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  1. Kim

    I have not been successful with receiving notifications for “low battery.” I have my Tractive profile on the website correctly configured. I do get notifications from other devices on my phone (email, reminders, ancestry, etc) and these apps do appear in Settings > Notifications >individual apps by name. Tractive does not appear on this list. When I go to Settings > Tractive GPS, I see the following options: Location (while using), Photos (on), Background App Refresh (on), and Cellular Data (on). I do not see Notifications as is shown here in this article. I am using an iphone 6 ios 9.0.2. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Julian

      Hi Kim,

      Thanks for contacting us regarding that matter.
      We opened up a support ticket for you, so please check your inbox 🙂

      Best regards,

  2. Michelle Vetlesen

    Hello! I just received and activated my tracker. I followed the blog to make sure everything was turned on correctly. If I look on the app, it accurately portrays where the tracker is BUT it does not alert my iPhone when the tracker has left the safe zone. What do I do?

    • Stefan Lambert

      I have the same issue as mentioned above, I don’t get notifications on my Iphone 5s iOS 9.3.2, even though safe zone is turned on. I can get email notifications, but not push notifications to the iPhone. In the Settings > Tractive GPS, I only have two options (Background App Refresh, and, Mobile Data), nothing about notifications?? Nothing in the Settings > Notifications section for this app either. Nothing either in the app itself about turning on notifications. Please let me know how to activate the notifications, the whole purpose I got this was for getting real time notifications… thanks!!

      • Julian

        Hi Stefan,

        the same counts for you as for Michelle.
        The server shows activity, however it would be the best to check this directly with our support team.


    • Julian

      Hi Michelle,

      looks like your comment fell through our filters, sorry for that. I see that your device had some Safezone activity yesterday, so i assume everything works now.
      If not please contact us asap under and choose urgent priority.

      Best regards,

  3. Jennifer Dain

    My gps tracker sends alerts that my pet has left the safe zone even when he’s sitting next to me
    In the house. It doesn’t seem to give accurate readings when I track him live in the safe zone.
    Phone is iPhone 6s with iOS 9

    • Lena

      Hi Jennifer,

      GPS signals can not penetrate thick walls. That’s why there’s the possibility of a lower accuracy of the Tracker inside.
      We’re filtering most of those inaccurate positions but it’s not possible to detecting all of them.
      That’s why you might be receiving the Safe Zone alerts indoors.

      If you need further help you can send our technical support team a message via
      They’ll then have a closer look 😉

      All the best Lena

  4. StephanieRMontgomery

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