Having a dog in the house is wonderful and of course you love your furry companion. But, having a dog isn’t always a walk in the park. Owning a dog is a lot of work and you have to put in quite some effort. You do it because you love your dog so much, but you also have to put up with quite a lot for your dear pup. These little everyday struggles are unknown for many people, but I am sure that all dog parents know what I’m talking about! Here are a few of the most common problems only dog owners understand:

  • When the rain is over, the delicious smell of wet dog will follow you the whole day (not to mention muddy paw prints across your floor and carpet) and your four-legged friend insists on cuddling with you with a very wet fur.
  • You just bought new socks, but after three days they all have holes. How did that happen?
  • You’ve cooked a delicious meal for yourself and you are really looking forward to the taste of a good lasagne. But hey, it was just right here on the table and now it’s not! Who did that? Guess you weren’t the only one who wanted lasagne.
  • Hair, hair and more hair! On the couch, in the car and on the suit. Your dog’s hair is everywhere!
  • Your couch is always occupied by your dog. It doesn’t matter when you want to relax, Bello is always faster than you.
  • You wake up on a Saturday morning, after a very long party night, because you hear someone scratching against your door. “Well hello, early bird – It’s time to pee and play!” Bello wants to go for a walk, now! A problem only dog owners understand!
  • It’s the end of the month and you find yourself broke and without a dime in your pocket. How did that happen? Ah yes, that’s right … dog food, dog toys, vet appointment, dog school and…..
  • The lovely smell of wet food. Opening a can every day doesn’t mean you still don’t want to gag. Yum!
  • You have whelps at home? Then you probably also have puppy teeth marks on all your shoes.
  • Why is your dog always licking himself when you have guests? Please stop that and be a gentleman dear friend. Great! Didn’t like my new shoes anyway.
  • You want to spend some time with your family, without your dog. But who can resist those sad eyes when you leave? Those “Sure, go ahead without me. I’m just your best friend”– kind of eyes.
  • It doesn’t matter if it’s the postman, pizzaman or your neighbors – your dog barks every time the doorbell rings. The poor guy just wants to deliver your crispy pizza, but first, you have to apologize for all the barking.
  • No, not again! Tangled leashes with other dogs. Somehow it always happens when you’re running late for an appointment. And, somehow it’s just never the same as in movies where two dog owners fall in love while their pets are tangled together.

Do you have any other funny, daily struggles with your dog? Then please share, cause we’re all in the same boat!