Safer than safe: The new Tractive Virtual Fence

Many of you have asked us to improve the Tractive Virtual Fence feature. And, we...

24 January 2017



Many of you have asked us to improve the Tractive Virtual Fence feature. And, we are happy to tell you that we recently launched the new Virtual Fence.

The new Tractive Virtual Fence features

Some of you might have already noticed that you have a few new options when you create a new Virtual Fence.

New Tractive Safe Zone - Edit

Not only do you get the option of selecting the shape of it, but you also have the option of giving it a name and an icon.

Additionally,  it is now possible to add more than one Virtual Fence which means you’re able to create a Virtual Fence for your home address, your work address or maybe at a friend’s house.

New Tractive Safe Zone - Show

We’ve created three different Virtual Fences to show you how it looks.
As you can see, every single Virtual Fence will be visible in the Virtual Fence overview. Each can be disabled or adapted to your needs. All you have to do is select a Virtual Fence and all the options will be shown.

Available on all platforms

New Tractive Safe Zone - Webapp

The new Tractive Virtual Fence is available on all Android and iOS devices with the latest update. In addition, our web app has been updated which gives you access to your Virtual Fences. This means there’s also the option to configure your existing Virtual Fences or to create a new one.

If you need any help, please leave a comment or send us your feedback through our support form.

Contact Support

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  1. Josephine jones

    How much does this cost


    Est ce que je dois faire une mise à jour ou elle se fait automatiquement ?
    Merci de m’informer.

    • Simon

      Vous devez mettre à jour votre application pour smartphone.
      Veuillez visiter le Google Play Store ou l’iTunes Store d’Apple pour installer les dernières mises à jour.




    I have a TRGPS2/Tractive GPS 2 Pet Tracker to my dog, and I have lost the charger. I´s it possible to by a new one?

    Best regards,
    Sarah Montheli

    • Simon

      Dear Sarah,

      I’ve forwarded your request to our Support Team.
      You’ll be contacted soon.


  4. gisela de bruyn


    Ik heb nu een paar dagen de tractive gps voor onze hond maar merk dat ik de save zone op de ipad steeds telkens opnieuw moet activeren. Wanneer ik dus uitlog en de dag erna weer inlog is de safe zone op inactief gezet. Vervelend!


    • Simon

      Beste Gisela,

      Dank u voor uw rapport.
      We zijn momenteel op zoek naar uw zaak.

      Ik heb een support ticket voor u gemaakt en u zult meer informatie zo spoedig mogelijk te ontvangen.

      De jouwe,

  5. Karen

    I have a question about the safe zone. I get an alert that my dog has left it, and then a short time later, an alert that he has returned to it, but the whole time he was moving around inside the house, well within the safe zone. Is there something I need to do to correct this?

    • Simon

      Dear Karen,

      This can happen when your dog is roaming the house and the GPS sensor has a low satellite signal. This can lead to a lower accuracy for location fixes in some cases.
      We are always adapting our algorithms to filter most of those inaccurate results and to keep those unnecessary alarms from appearing.
      An additional precaution you can take, is to make your Safe Zone a bit larger.

      Our Technical Support Team will be happy to be of further assistance in case you need them. (


  6. daniela

    Im really disappointed that nowhere in your site is told that the second version or new Tractive does not work in Mexico. I asked before buying it, if this could work in that other country and I was told it was working. I bought it in Germany, send it to Mexico, didn´t work, pay to get it back to Germany, wasting time and money. After complaining I was told by your personal that the tractive 2 is not working in Mexico, so, why don´t you state that in your site?

  7. Scarlet

    Well unless you can use custom polygons or at least rotate the rectangles, this feature is not really any better than previously.
    Street nets are not always rectangular nor are they always aligned north to south or east to west.

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