Summer Nutrition Tips for Dogs

13 August 2018

When temperatures rise in the summer, your dog can really feel the heat. Our four-legged friends can’t release heat by sweating the way...

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When temperatures rise in the summer, your dog can really feel the heat. Our four-legged friends can’t release heat by sweating the way humans do, and heat can actually raise their body temperatures to dangerous levels. Keeping your dog cool is, therefore, vital for its well being.

There are many different things you can do to help your pup stay cool during the summer, and one of them is providing the right kind of nutrition. These few summer nutrition tips for dogs will help your furry friend cool down this summer.

Light, chilled and frozen

During the summer, it is essential that we take care of our dogs’ diet or else they can suffer from dehydration and several other diseases. We have to make sure that they are

  • healthy
  • happy
  • not beating the heat

When the temperatures are rising, your dog may get overheated. Heatstroke, dehydration are normal reactions to heat.

For prevention

  • light
  • chilled
  • frozen dog treats

are useful and may help your pup cool down (and frozen dog treat are actually quite tasty). If your pup won’t eat frozen treats, dry dog food is also fine.

Less is better

When the weather is hot, it takes less calories to keep warm. Therefore, the need for food is less. It’s the same for us. In the summer we tend to eat lighter:

  • cold soups
  • summer salads
  • cold drinks
  • cold potato salad
  • coleslaw

So pay attention to your dog. If he’s not that hungry during the summer, don’t be concerned. When it’s too hot, your pup doesn’t need the same amount of calories from food to keep warm.

You can also provide more vegetables to your dog’s meals. Vegetables are often lighter to eat. But be careful, these sorts of vegetables are toxic for your dog!

Water, water, water!

In addition to overheating, pets can get dehydrated quickly.

Prevent dehydration by providing your dog with unrestricted access to fresh and cool water

To encourage your dog to drink more on hot days

  • place more water bowls around in the house and garden
  • resupply the cold water

Some people fill a dog bowl or bucket and freeze it overnight. As it melts during the day, it provides a steady supply of refreshing, cold water.

You can also freeze, or simply chill, water in the refrigerator in water bottles and add the melting or chilled water to your dog’s water periodically throughout the day. Adding ice cubes to your dog’s bowl may also be a good idea.

Check list for the summer

  • prepare some smaller amounts of food
  • the food should not stay too long in the feeding dish, otherwise flies will come
  • be aware that the water is cold not too cold
  • your dog should be able to drink water at any time. He needs approximetly between 60 and 80 ml of water per kilo each day
  • always take a bottle of water with you if you go for a walk or a longer trip
  • places with lots of shadow or a refreshing bath would be enjoyable for your dog

Strawberry coconut-milk ice cream

Are you looking for an adorable and light recipe for the summer, which you can enjoy together with your dog? Then try our delicious strawberry coconut-milk ice cream! It is very easy and very tasty! But be careful! Your dog should not eat too much ice-cream. A small scoop is enough, otherwise he could get stomachache. But a small taste in the midsummer is totally fine 🙂


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Nutrition Tips for Dogs

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