Anyone knows that the bond between a child and the family dog can be very special. The pet often takes the role as the most loyal companion, a trusted soul mate and a good friend to play with. We have collected a few great photos of the dog-child relationship….No doubt that this is love!

smiling dog

family dog relaxing

But our fluffy pets are not just for fun and companionship. Scientists have actually found that children who grow up with pets are less likely to develop asthma and allergies later in life. And, they are less likely to grow up overweight or obese. So, a dog in the house can actually be quite a lifesaver …. and the cute-factor is just a great bonus!

Babies & dogs take each other for a walk!

When your baby takes the family dog for a walk, you may wonder where they go? With the free Dog Walk app from Tractive you can see the exact route, the distance and the duration directly on your smartphone. Would be fun to see, or not?

The free Dog Walk app works for iOS and is available right here:

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