Managing the relationship between cats and humans is not always easy. Cats like to do things their own way and they don’t always make it easy for us humans. Therefore, we have summarized some of the most important parts for a harmonious relationship between cats and humans.

Cats are not toys!

With a cat in the house we often tend to cuddle it as much as we can because it is so nice and fluffy. In general, there is nothing wrong with that, as long as he likes it. But, if your feline friend struggles or tries to get away, he might need some space and peace. Respect your cat’s need for rest and privacy and don’t force it to cuddle and play just because you want to.

Play! Play! Play!

If cats are in the mood for playing, they could do it all day long. Playing together is a good way to strengthen the relationship between cats and humans. Furry mice, feather wands or small stuffed balls are ideal for playing together. Again, you should be aware that your four-legged friend actually wants to play. Night time is the most natural time for cats to be active as the hunting instinct and the urge to explore comes out. Night time activity is quite a common issue for some cat owners, as the cat seeks attention while the owner sleeps. To keep a harmonious relationship with your pet try to increase the amount of social interaction and social play during the daytime and earlier evening.

Safe zone

Allow your cat to have a “safety zone” in the home where he can rest and relax. And most importantly, respect your cat’s space and need for rest and privacy. Cat trees, closets or boxes can be used as safe zones.

Love goes through the stomach

Feeding often creates deep feelings of attachment and love. Food can be the most effective way to strike up a friendship. Unlike dogs, many cats actually enjoy being stroked or petted while they eat, so don’t be afraid to try a bit cuddling at dinner time. Some cats, however, prefer privacy while eating, which needs to be respected.

Cat scratching

Whether your kitty is an indoor cat or roams outside, scratching is an instinct. If your cat is scratching your furniture, and destroying your home, then you have to find a solution for the scratching. A scratching post is the answer to your scratching problem! Purchase at least one scratching post to place around the house. Because scratching is a natural activity for cats, protecting your furniture and other household goods may take some effort on your behalf – but it’s not impossible.

Please talk to me

Although this may sound a bit weird, feel free to talk to your cat! Entertain your fluffy friend by talking and chatting and you will immediately see how much he likes it.

Unknown faces

Some cats get scared if there are unknown people in the house. You and your guests should therefore respect if your cat needs his safe zone. Especially the volume and loudness of noise should be reduced in the presence of the cat.


How to create a harmonious relationship between cats and humans?

Do you have any other useful tips for a harmonious relationship between cats and humans?

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