There’s no end to the reasons you should get your dog a GPS tracker – period. It only takes a few seconds of you looking the other way for your buddy to bolt and get lost outdoors by themselves. So you might be considering a GPS dog collar for your peace of mind – and to keep your dog safe at every step.

So we’ve gathered 12 stories from dog parents around the world – just like you – where the Tractive GPS, strapped to their buddies’ collars, has actually saved their lives, helped with their health and well-being, and meant both happy dog and happy dog parent. Like them, you’d never need to worry about losing your dog – ever again.

Is Tractive actually a GPS dog collar?

In the full interest of transparency, we do want to clarify something right off the bat. Your Tractive device is a GPS-powered pet tracker that you’re meant to strap to your dog’s collar. It comes with clips that securely fasten to a collar or harness. (Or which you can secure even better with zip ties.)

Man and woman with dog

But that hasn’t stopped these dog parents from around the world from creating their very own GPS dog collars. Like these stories we’ve gathered for you:

A dog chasing a ball at a park

Tractive is the best GPS collar out there. So far- in almost two years I’ve had zero problems.

Great customer service when the clip broke on her first collar and no questions asked Tractive sent me another one. 5 stars!”

– Katie Poole, US

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đź’ˇBesides, if you’ve got a cat at home, you’re in luck. Tractive cat GPS trackers come equipped with a breakaway safety collar designed to keep your cat safe outdoors.

An outdoor cat wearing a Tractive GPS tracker in a lawn

Check out these 13 Tractive GPS cat tracker reviews that made our hearts melt. (If you’ve got a runaway cat at home as well!)

Gareth from the UK: Stress-free off-lead walks

Depending on your dog’s age and breed, you might deal with runaway attempts in specific situations more so than others. Like if you two are out hiking or running in the woods. Or if your dog spooks easily around other dogs, loud noises, or even other people.

(To say nothing if you’ve got a rambunctious, untrained puppy at home!)

A puppy playing with their owner

But for this happy dog parent from the UK, a Tractive GPS strapped to his dog’s collar means 100% peace of mind. Primarily due to its real-time tracking and the ability to pinpoint his buddy’s location.

All you need to do is hit “LIVE” on your Tractive mobile app. And then follow your dog’s every step as they make their every step.

Tractive GPS app feature screenshot LIVE Tracking
A dog running through the woods

“I wouldn’t be without our Tractive collar for our youngest dog.

He’s a real explorer when we’re out on walks so it’s always such a reassurance to know that I can keep track of him.

On the occasions when he disappears into the woods for longer than usual, I know I can open the Tractive app and pinpoint his location within a few seconds.

There are certain subscriptions I can do without but I never regret paying for the annual Tractive membership as it makes those off-lead walks so much more relaxing.

Thank you Tractive for a great product and excellent service.

– Gareth, GB

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Walk Off-Leash With Ease

Lesley from the UK: Tracking down her dogs – no matter how far

Some dogs just need to roam and explore their environment to stay happy. Especially if they’re a former hunting or herding dog breed that are happiest in wide, open, outdoor spaces – where they can sniff around and investigate to their heart’s content. (Or boss around a herd of cattle or a flock of sheep!)

Unfortunately, it’s these roaming, investigating, and herding instincts that are all prime reasons dogs might run away from home as well.

A herding dog guarding a flock of sheep

đź’ˇSo imagine the relief and peace of mind from knowing you can track them wherever they are in the world – with just a glance at your phone?

It’s why your trusty Tractive device comes with unlimited range. Meaning you now have a sky full of satellites tracking your buddy’s every step – as they make their every step.

Live tracking on the Tractive GPS mobile app
A Treeing walker Coonhound standing in a garden

“My runaway hound can always be traced now I have this tracker. Easy to use and unobtrusive on his collar.

I can always locate him now – even if he is 3 fields away!”

– LesleyB, GB

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John from Australia: Managing his dog’s prey drive like a pro

No matter how much of a softie yours might seem, every dog has something of a prey drive. Aka, the instinct to sniff out, chase, and hunt down smaller animals – including woodland critters, cats, and even fellow runners at parks!

Which, if you’re out on a walk, hike, or run in the woods, spells trouble. Especially if it means you’re now going to have to deal with a dog that’s picked up a scent, run off into the thicket…and ended up picking a fight with a bear, moose, or the local goose population.

A hunting dog chasing down prey in the woods

For John, one of our Australian dog parents, that even includes kangaroos! But thankfully…

dog in forest standing over a log

“Whether the dog takes off after a Kangaroo, or is simply wandering about out of sight, I always know where she is.

Once we lost the device because it got ripped off her collar, but it was replaced with no fuss.

I constantly recommend the Tractive collar to other dog owners because my experience has been so good these past two years. Oh yes, it’s pretty good value for money too.”

– John, AU

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Track Your Dog With Tractive

Carol Ann Weston from the US: Training her dogs to return home

When you’ve got a dog that’s inquisitive or just has a ton of energy to burn, recall training can even end up saving their lives. (Especially if you’re both out in nature.) Because with all the new sights, sounds, and smells around them, just about anything can trigger their curiosity – and drive them off running a mile a minute!

Which is where some Tractive pet parents use their trackers’ Sound function – or a high-pitched beep or melody – to actually “train” their buddies to come back to them! (Making it a more humane version of a GPS dog collar than any aversive training techniques.)

(Just as an aside: your Tractive device’s Sound function is to help you locate your dog somewhere with poor visibility, like if you’re both out in the dark. It isn’t exactly built to “train” them…but hey, if the shoe fits, why not?)

Like this happy dog parent who’s adventurous dogs constantly keep her on her toes!

black dog jumping over brown wooden fence

“Several times since we’ve gotten the Tractive, the gate has been left open and dogs went on an adventure. It is easy to see where they are and go pick them up.

When they’ve gone down the creek (not on busy streets) going live and turning (on) the sound made them turn around and run back home.

The last time was a few weeks ago and we were able to follow his progress on the map and pick him up within a few minutes.

Before we got the tracker, there were 2 times they had been gone for hours and traveled miles before somebody approached them and read my phone number on the tag.

Thank you for this great product!”

– Carol Ann Weston, US

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Sabine Neumann from the US: Monitoring her dogs in 2 different states

Now monitoring your dog’s location can be tedious at best, tricky at worst – especially if you’re not around all day to intervene if they venture somewhere dangerous. (Which could be just past your backyard, in some cases!)

đź’ˇWhich is where setting up a Virtual Fence – or a GPS-powered geofence – around your property can save you a ton of time and money. (Especially when you consider how expensive and cumbersome it is to set up a physical fence.)

Tractive GPS Dog Tracker Virtual Fence Feature Illustration

And all you have to do is set up a “safe zone” around your property – and any off-limits spots as “no go zones.”

Your Tractive GPS Virtual Fence also works across multiple states. So you can track them even while on vacation!

Dogs running in a dandelion meadow

“This tracker gives me peace of mind for several dogs. I currently have 4 safe zones for 3 dogs in 2 different states.

Even in bad (WiFi) zones this tracker does relatively well… I can see the history of where the dogs travel and fox trouble spots quickly.

The tracker is between $35-$50 depending on where (you) buy. The monthly plan is so inexpensive for what (you) get, I don’t even remember how much.”

– Sabine Neumann, US

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Set Up A Safe Zone

Mannazslo from Slovenia: Keeping his dog safe from “danger zones”

With great company comes great responsibility – especially for dog parents. Meaning, if you run into a potential “danger zone” outdoors, you can report it via your Tractive mobile app and get it broadcast to fellow dog parents nearby. (Helping you both keep your buddy safe – and do your part as a responsible dog parent.)

Which could mean areas including:

  • Poisonous plants, including mushrooms (which can be toxic to dogs)
  • Wild animals
  • Poison bait
  • Animal traps
  • And other dangers, including contaminated food (which a particularly food-motivated dog will have no trouble lunging at for a bite, lick, or taste!)
A dog sniffing at a piece of food on the ground

So here’s how you can report a danger you’ve spotted outdoors to other dog parents via your Tractive mobile app:

Like one of our users from Slovenia found out for his dog – tracking down the spot his buddy was finding some extra “treats.”

border collie standing in field of grass and flowers

“We have been using (our Tractive device) for 1,5 years now. Still working great, always on the collar except during charging. Great data gathering foo following the dog activity and rest time.

…the very first thing that (our device) helped us was track down the spot where our dog (a mixed Flatcoat/Labrador retriever) was feeding off pork slaughter leftovers he found in the woods.

We love it and we are ordering another one for our new pet, a 6 month young Golden Retriever.”

– Mannazslo, SL

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Eva from the US: Monitoring her dogs’ health & well-being

Besides doubling as a GPS dog collar, your trusty Tractive device also comes with a built-in motion detector to help you track both your dog’s activity – as well as their sleep.

You can also set activity goals for your buddy – and get that little dopamine rush from seeing them hit their daily exercise targets!

Dog running outside wearing Tractive GPS dog tracker in background, app in foreground

Besides, as your dog wanders about throughout the day, your Tractive device logs in:

  • How many active minutes they get on average
  • How active your dog is compared to other, similar dogs around the world – with your very own community leaderboard
  • Any weird changes in their activity or sleep. Which could signal that they’re sick or in pain

đź’ˇWhich, as this happy pet parent found out, can all help you get your buddy to a vet on time. Much before any sickness or injury they’re struggling with worsens.

A dog sleeping wrapped up in a blanket

“…(our tracker) gives us peace of mind when we leave them home alone and also gives great insights on their activity and sleep levels.

I’m comforted knowing that if they started acting strangely or the data shifted drastically that we could take them to the vet potentially before we would notice something wrong. Can’t recommend this tracker enough!”

– Eva, US

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Winny from Slovenia: Tracking her deaf dog through network-poor areas

A common complaint you’ll hear about GPS dog collars is that they fail in areas with poor network or signal coverage. Which, well, can be the case in areas with thick forest cover or buildings which can block GPS signal.

dog mountain hike with a woman

đź’ˇBut even that hasn’t stopped the Tractive GPS from rescuing lost dogs (or even people) in the woods or wilderness – or just coming through for dog parents in a pinch. Like for this pet parent:

Two dogs walking together in a forest

I have a deaf dog, almost 1.5 years old who was unleashed during a hike. This was the first time that she roamed off into deep woods and could not find a way out because of the snow being quite deep, and thick bushes and branches.

Luckily, network and GPS coverage was fantastic and the battery lasted while I live tracked her (1 hour 20 minutes.) With the help of a mountain rescuer and his friend we were able to get her out.

Without the tracker, it would have been near impossible to find her. Truly (grateful) for this device and can honestly say it is a quality product.

– Winny, SL

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Adelaide from Australia: Saving battery life with a Power-Saving Zone

Now with all these bells and whistles, you might be thinking, just how long a battery life can I expect using Tractive as a GPS dog collar?

To which we’d answer: it depends on what you’re using it for. LIVE tracking, for example, can use up more battery than just regular tracking. (Which updates your dog’s position every couple of minutes – compared to real-time tracking, which brings this down to every few seconds.)

Tractive GPS live tracking

đź’ˇThat’s where setting up a Power-Saving Zone can help you track longer and easier – cutting down on battery usage by connecting to a trusted WiFi network. (Like your home connection.)

Even better, Tractive’s new Base Station helps you set up a Power Saving Zone wherever you go!

The Tractive Base station
A woman drinking coffee next to her dog

“Easy setup and great piece of mind! I am impressed with the ability to automatically detect our home wifi signal and save battery life by not using the mobile network unnecessarily.”

– Adelaide, AU

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Set Up A Power Saving Zone

Diane Miller from the US: Tracking her dog while on vacation

If you’ve invested in a Tractive device, you might be wondering why it comes with its very own built-in SIM card. In fact, GPS trackers without SIM cards do exist – but their lack of real-time tracking makes them not worth the investment, if you ask us.

Because with this SIM card, your Tractive device can:

A dog sitting in the trunk of a car

đź’ˇWhich, in a nutshell, means you can even track your dog while on vacation. Like this happy pet parent who was able to do so across hundreds of miles:

Two dogs playing on a beach

“We are able to track our dog Spot all the way from Phoenix to the Samana peninsula of the Dominican Republic where our vacation home is & the dog is.”

– Diane Miller, US

(Perfect for your upcoming summer vacation plans, if you ask us.)

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Ready for 100% peace of mind at every step – for you & your dog?

If you’re still on the fence whether a GPS dog collar is the solution, don’t take our word for it.

It’s why we’ve gathered these stories from happy Tractive pet parents from around the world (just like you) who’ve picked the Tractive GPS for a reason – and are ready to stick with us for the long run.

A dog running in a forest

“I love my Tractive! Peace of mind for less than $10 of month is so worth it.

Being a GPS tracker, you aren’t relying on Bluetooth and another phone finding your dog when it’s minutes and seconds that count …

(As a) bonus, the app is amazing and it gives you a Fitbit type of activity tracker on your dogs activity. You can see the map of where your dog has been on your daily walks…

And if the dog does get loose and lost… Real time tracking is priceless!

– Gina MJ, CA

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packaging of the Tractive GPS DOG tracker

Always know where your dog is

Follow every step in real-time with unlimited range. Get alerts if they wander too far. Keep them happy & healthy with Wellness Monitoring. And let others – like walkers or sitters – keep an eye on your dog too.

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