Pet holidays are just fun all around. Imagine having a full day just celebrating all the smiles your dog or cat brings you and your loved ones? You might’ve heard of upcoming ones like National Lazy Dog Day, Hug Your Cat Day, or our personal favorite: Adopt A Rescued Guinea Pig Month.

That’s right – some pet-themed holidays are more like an entire month’s celebration! Meant to raise awareness and help us take a more active role in keeping our buddies happy and healthy by our sides. Plus, some upcoming months in 2024 have special days dedicated just for that, which we’ve gathered in this post.

So whether you’re considering adopting a dog or cat, already have one, or just adopted one – here are some fun pet holiday months coming up in 2024. Which can help you take some time to really dedicate a whole day (or month) to your furry friends and stay on top of their health and happiness all year round.

Jan: Walk Your Pet Month

Pet holiday #1 of the year: Walk Your Pet month! Because come rain, snow, sleet, or just the morning lazies – walking your dog or letting your cat enjoy some outdoors time is just a win-win. You get your exercise, they get their exercise, everyone’s happy. Plus, in the cold, dark winter months, it’s the perfect excuse to force yourself outdoors and get a bit of interaction with your community too.

Walking your pet (or just enjoying some outdoor play) is also a great way to spend quality time with your buddy. Too much indoor time and you’ll find your cat crying or scratching furniture. Or your dog in a fit of restless zoomies or peeing everywhere in protest. (From the stress of being cooped up indoors.)

A boy walking his dog on a snowy path by a lake

💡It’s no fun dressing up like an onion just to walk your dog outdoors or play with your cat in your backyard. But with Tractive’s fun Dog Walk feature, you can log in your daily walks with your buddy. (Kind of like keeping up a Duolingo streak.) So a great way to ensure they’re getting exercise – and also track them in real-time if your dog enjoys some off-leash adventuring.

Feb: National Pet Theft Awareness Day

You might think of Feb 14 as a romantic Valentine’s Day – but it’s also one of the more serious upcoming pet holidays. Aka, National Pet Theft Awareness Day.

Losing your dog or cat to a pet thief can be a terrifying experience. And the worst part? Pets are more likely to be kidnapped…well, dognapped, over the holidays. In fact, here’s what a study from Peeva found just this year1:

  • One-third of all dogs and cats in the US alone go missing every year.
  • More than 80% of these pets are never found.
  • Around 70% of all US homes are vulnerable to dognapping.

Which is where being able to track your dog or cat in real-time can be a lifesaver.

Like the story of Kathy the Beagle, who was kidnapped in the middle of training.

Luckily, her dad was tracking her position with Tractive’s LIVE Mode. When he suddenly noticed her speed picking up and moving way off-course. (Meaning she’d been picked up by pet thieves and was now being driven away by car.)

After calling the police and a two-hour car chase, Kathy was rescued and returned to him, safe and sound.

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Mar: National Animal Poison Prevention Week 

Dogs (and in some cases, even cats) don’t tend to be picky eaters. And sadly, a whole bunch of foods that are completely harmless (or even healthy) for humans might just end up being fatally toxic to them. Like, for example, chocolate, onions, mushrooms, and even garlic. And besides food, common household items (like your meds) can poison them as well, if left unattended.

A man feeding a small treat to a black and white cat

Which is why this year’s March pet holiday is all about learning what substances and foods might be toxic to your dog or cat. And you know, we get it. It can be confusing going grocery shopping and having to ask yourself a billion times: can my pet eat that?

So we’ve gathered a bunch of resources you’ll find helpful – so you can plan your next grocery trip, stress-free. (Or pet-proof your kitchen the next time you’ve got guests over.)



Apr: Canine Fitness Month

As the weather gets better, it’s that much easier and more fun to get outdoors! Which is why April’s pet holiday is Canine Fitness Month. (But hey, no reason to keep our feline friends out of the fun either. Getting your cat to exercise can be an absolute blast too!)

So if you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to get fitter this year, why not get your furry friend in on the fun? You get fit, they stay healthy – win-win all around. Just make sure to adapt to your pet’s needs – especially if they’re an active, high-energy dog breed. (Or check out whether they’re a dog breed that’s built for running, or if another type of activity might suit them better.)

A woman practicing yoga indoors with her dog

💡Tracking your pet’s activity levels helps you both get them enough exercise – and also keep them healthy. Because one of the first signs your dog or cat might be feeling poorly? If they seem less active or more lethargic than usual.

Luckily, your Tractive device comes with Activity Tracking. With its built-in motion detector, it picks up on your pet’s movements throughout the day. So you can more quickly catch on to a dip or a spike in their regular activity – or get a Health Alert to help you catch on to a medical emergency way in advance.

Discover GPS & Health Tracking For Pets

May: National Rescue Dog Day

Every year, around 6.3 million dogs and cats enter US animal shelters – and often end up in overcrowded conditions.2 So while adopting a new pet can be a huge step, it’s always worth it. (Especially if you know what to expect.)

So this May’s pet holiday is National Rescue Dog Day. Where you can consider adopting a rescue dog or cat from your local animal shelter – and giving them a safe, loving forever home. And if you can’t adopt one yourself, consider letting a friend or a loved one know. Who knows, you might just welcome in a new chapter of endless smiles and joy to their life this spring!

A rescue dog wearing a ribbon being driven to their new forever home

💡Adopting a dog or cat doesn’t come without its challenges – especially if you’re a new pet parent. So here’s some inspiration from Setter Rescue Netherlands, which rescues and retrains former hunting dogs. (And safely brings them to a loving new forever home with a little help from the Tractive GPS.)

Jun: National Microchipping Month

Getting your dog microchipped or your cat their very own microchip ID is a great way to keep them safe. How does it work? Simple. Microchips are like a permanent ID tag for your pets. A vet can implant one safely between their shoulder blades in under 10 minutes.

Now if your dog or cat gets lost and a helpful stranger picks them up and takes them to a vet, it’s more likely they’ll be able to find you and contact you. How? Because you can add your contact details to your pet’s microchip.

A cat sitting on a bed at a vet's clinic

Microchipping your pet might even be legally required in some countries and US states. So make sure to check your local laws to see if it’s required in yours. (Or anywhere you’re traveling for vacation.)

Because unfortunately, if your pet gets lost and is found without a microchip, a local animal shelter might hold them only for around a week. (After which they might even get euthanized.)

⚠️ Besides, just a microchip alone might not be enough to keep your lost pet safe from, say, pet thieves. Which brings us to…

Jul: National Lost Pet Prevention Month

There’s nothing quite helpless or as gut-wrenching as coming home to find your dog or cat missing. In fact, every year, nearly 10 million pets go missing in the US alone.3 But with all the reasons why dogs run away or cats wander away from home, your first step this coming July is to stay informed.

A lost cat poster stuck to an advertisement pole

But imagine preventing your pet from getting lost in the first place – by following their every step in real-time? Plus:

…and tons of other features built 100% for your peace of mind as a pet parent?

It’s why dog and cat parents around the world are investing in Tractive’s lifesaving technology. So you never have to feel the pain, fear, or helplessness of losing your buddy ever again.

Tractive Trustpilot review
Tractive Trustpilot review

Track Your Pets With Tractive

Aug: National Immunization Awareness Month

Getting a flu shot every year might seem like a pain – but it does go a long way to keep you healthy. The same applies for your pet’s vaccinations. So this August 2024 is another health-related pet holiday, National Immunization Awareness Month.

For example, if you’ve just adopted a puppy, it’s actually smarter not to take them outdoors to a public park until they’ve gotten all their shots. (Usually by 18 weeks.) Yes, even in the lovely, warm summer months when it’s just easier to head outdoors and enjoy the sun.

Why? Because if they haven’t been vaccinated, your little buddy might be at risk of picking up something infectious from another dog or pet.

A puppy sleeping in a man's arms

Some vaccines are safe for both dogs and cats as early as 3 months (12 weeks) of age. Protecting them from harmful viruses like rabies, which are 100% fatal to them and for which there’s no cure. Your vet can also administer other vaccines as early as 6 weeks, like those protecting against feline distemper or parvovirus.

For a full list of dog and cat vaccines and when to schedule them, here’s a comprehensive guide from WebMD. Always make sure to check in with your vet and stay on top of your buddies’ shot schedules.

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Sep: National Pet Insurance Month

You’ve heard of car insurance, life insurance, health insurance…but what about pet insurance? Besides vaccines, pet insurance is another great way to stay on top of your buddies’ health. (And avoid an expensive vet bill down the line.)

A vet checking a cat's ears for an infection at a clinic

You can pay pet insurance with a monthly, quarterly, or annual plan. With one, your detailed policy includes exactly what medical conditions it covers – and what you can expect to get back, expenses-wise.

Now if you find your dog or cat feeling poorly, you can take them to a vet and pay for a checkup in line with what your pet insurance plan covers. Many pet insurance plans offer an 80-90% reimbursement rate after you’ve sent in your claim for processing.

Check out these resources to get informed on the ins and outs of pet insurance – dogs, cats, and all:

Oct: National Pet Wellness Month

You might think of taking your dog or cat for a leisurely spa day when you hear “wellness”. (And we’re 100% with you on this one.) So this October 2024’s pet holiday is a great reminder to take a more active role in your pet’s health and wellbeing.

And one of the most overlooked aspects of your pet’s health and wellbeing? How much quality sleep they’re getting. Which, let’s admit, can be a bit difficult to keep track of – especially when you need to get your 8 hours of sleep yourself.

But with regular sleep tracking, you can pick up a long-term picture of your buddy’s naptime habits. Including how often they woke up – and how well they’re sleeping. Because one of the first signs a senior dog or cat might be experiencing cognitive dysfunction syndrome? A change in their sleep patterns.4

Dog and cat sleeping in the background with Tractive Sleep tracking mobile app in foreground

Here’s how pet parents just like you are tracking their buddies’ sleep and activity with Tractive:

Tractive Trustpilot review
Tractive Trustpilot review

Discover GPS & Health Trackers For Pets

Nov: National Senior Pet Month

It’s always bittersweet helping your dog or cat transition to their grand-paw or grand-puss years. It feels like yesterday they were just a puppy or a kitten squirming in your arms, right? So this November 2024 includes a sweet pet holiday celebrating senior dogs and cats: National Senior Pet Month.

Read more:

A grey older cat sitting on a couch

So use your time to get informed on what health conditions senior dogs and cats are vulnerable to – and what steps you can take to prevent them. Consider signing up for a pet insurance plan that covers older cats or older dogs.

And no matter what, keep taking them out on walks and playing together. Little steps like this will make your buddy’s last few years with you happy and full of loving memories.

⚠️ Both senior dogs and cats are vulnerable to dementia. Which means they might be disoriented if they wander outdoors – or if you lose sight of them when out on a walk together. Making it more likely they’ll get lost and not be able to find their way back home.

But with a GPS tracker attached to their collar, you’ll have complete peace of mind knowing you can follow their every step. For example, you can set up a “safe zone” with Tractive’s Virtual Fence. Now if your senior dog or cat wanders past it, you get an instant alert on your phone notifying you. So you can go and pick them up – and prevent them from wandering off to danger.

Tractive Trustpilot review
Tractive Trustpilot review

Track Your Pets With Tractive

Dec: International Day Of Veterinary Medicine 

Want to show your local vet some appreciation? Early December (9th) is the International Day of Veterinary Medicine! Vets are nothing short of superheroes in their own right. And with all they do to help us keep our buddies healthy, they deserve some love too.

A vet examining a dog at a clinic

So here are a couple of ways you can support your local vet clinic this 2024:

  • Leave them a positive review once you’ve brought your pets over for a checkup. A few kind words can go a long way in helping them promote their business.
  • Consider making a social media post where you share your positive experience with your local community. Another great way to show them support and also help boost their business.
  • Invest in products approved by your local vet. (Especially those they might be supplying themselves.)
  • Make a small donation to a charity, cause, rescue, organization, or animal wellness program your local vets support.

Besides you, your local vet clinic works as hard to keep your buddy healthy, happy, and safe. So consider leaving them a few kind words or a nice gesture this 2024.

Make every day a special pet holiday this 2024

With all they do for us, our pets deserve a special day everyday – not just a specific pet holiday per month. So this 2024, here are a couple of pet-themed holidays coming up, to help you get informed and take an active role in keeping your buddies healthy, safe, and happy.


  • Jan begins with Walk your Pet month, to start off your year on an active note. Track your walks with Tractive’s fun Dog Walk feature to stay motivated!
  • Feb includes National Pet Theft Awareness Day. So make sure to stay informed on dognapping and what you can do to prevent it.


  • March comes with National Animal Poison Prevention Week. Keep an extra eye out for common household items and foods in your kitchen that might be off-limits for dogs and cats.
  • April starts sporty with Canine Fitness Day! Perfect for your New Year’s fitness resolution. Plus, with regular activity tracking, you can ensure your buddy’s getting enough exercise. (Yes, even your cat.)
An outdoor cat exploring a garden with Tractive's Activity monitoring features in the foreground


  • June is National Microchipping Month. Get informed on microchipping for dogs and cats and drop by your community clinic for a painless, 10-minute, affordable procedure that can help keep your pets safe.
  • July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month. With so many missing dogs and cats per year, consider investing in a pet GPS tracker. So you can track your pet in real-time – and prevent them from going missing in the first place.
  • August is National Immunization Awareness Month. Stay on top of your pet’s vaccines and help prevent a medical emergency down the line.
Tractive pet monitoring GPS tracker

Always know where your pets are

Follow every step in real-time with unlimited range. Get alerts if they wander too far. Keep them happy & healthy with Wellness Monitoring. And let others – like walkers or sitters – keep an eye on your pet too.

Discover GPS & Health Trackers For Pets


A cat sleeping in the background with Tractive Sleep tracking in foreground

Winter 2024

  • Wrapping up, December 9, 2024 is the International Day of Veterinary Medicine! So consider making a small donation to your local vet clinic, leaving them a positive review, or a shout-out on social media.

How are you planning on spending your 2024 pet holidays? Get in touch with us at Tractive over Facebook or Instagram – and stay connected with a family of fellow pet parents who work and play as hard as you do. Happy holidays!