5 mistakes to avoid when introducing your dog to the water

Unlike cats, most dogs like to jump into the water. Some dogs are quite good...

Unlike cats, most dogs like to jump into the water. Some dogs are quite good swimmers and know their way around the wet stuff while others are more careful. If you want to introduce your dog to the water: take care! There are many mistakes you should guard yourself against.

Some dog owners get very disappointed when realizing that their dog doesn’t like the water. They think every four-legged friend should do!

You are not sure whether your dog loves the water or not? Then introduce him to the water in a very careful way and try to avoid the following 5 mistakes. Not knowing them could end up traumatizing your dog in a very bad way!

#1 Never toss your dog into a large body of water expecting them to swim miraculously

It can traumatize a dog in a very bad way, if you just toss him into a large body full of water. The impact could also cause the dog to inhale the water or cut his breath. As you expect it, this could be life-threatening for your four-legged friend.

#2 Never drag your dog into a pot full with water

Every dog owner should know that dogs need their time to adapt to new situtations. That’s why dragging your four-legged into a large pot full with water really isn’t the best way to introduce your dog to the water.


Avoid methods which include dragging your dog into a pot full with water!



On the contrary, this could cause anxiety attacks every time your dog sees a large pot full with water, so let your dog getting familiar with the water at its own speed.

#3 Never give your dog a bath with cold water and high powered nozzles

Especially for dogs at their first water experiences, it is important to use warmer water and to avoid powered nozzles. Not every dog is crazy for hose water, so avoid bathing your four-legged companion with a high powered hose or cold hose water. When bathing your dog, always keep an eye on him: shivers could be the sign that the water you’ve used was too cold!

#4 Never expect that your dog loves to swim in cold water or weather

If you want to introduce your dog to the water, you should carefully think about the water’s temperature. If you introduce him to an external source of water, the weather will also play an important role. The best seasons of the year are generally springs and summers. Choose a good weather day, but avoid taking the dog out for a bath when it’s 40 degrees outside: the hot weather could cause your dog to suffer from heat strokes.

dog afraid of water

#5 Never expect that your dog is a born swimmer

Of course there are some dog breeds which are natural born swimmers like Labradors and Newfoundlands, but not every dog can swim well from the beginning. Also, not every dog likes the water. It could be that your four-legged friend will sink like a rock and you will have to be prepared to jump into the water and catch him. Some other dogs, on the other hand, will never learn to like the water.

What are your experiences when introducing your dog to the water? Let us know!

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