Where Should Your Dog Sleep?

Adult dogs spend about 12 hours a day – half their life – sleeping. The place...

Adult dogs spend about 12 hours a day – half their life – sleeping. The place they sleep is, therefore, quite important to their emotional and physical health. But are some places better than others? Where should your dog sleep?

There is no right answer to that question! Just like humans, all dogs are different. Some dogs may feel more comfortable in a crate next to your bed, while others prefer a blanket in the living room. But fact is that dogs are social animals and most of them feel most comfortable being near the rest of the family, and that includes at nighttime. Based on age, life-style and personality of the dog, these may be the best sleep solutions for your dog.

Where should your puppy sleep?

Ideally, a puppy should sleep in a crate next to the owner’s bed. A puppy left alone  in another room can harm furniture and items, or harm itself. A puppy placed away from humans usually feels scared and alone and might bark and whine all night long. Dogs are social creatures and locking one away in another room isn’t the best thing to do to a new puppy. Keeping the crate in the bedroom close to your bed will give your pup a feeling of comfort and security. If your puppy is worried during the night, you will be able to reach down and put your fingers in the crate so that he can smell them. Providing a crate and teaching a puppy to use it when he’s young will make sure he’s comfortable in it at various times for the rest of his life. If the living room or kitchen is the plan for the future, it should be a gradual move as the puppy matures and becomes more confident and secure in the house.

Where should an adult dog sleep?

An adult dog that someone has had for a while is a different story! An adult dog that does not destroy things and is potty trained, can be allowed freedom of the house at night (or at least freedom of the rooms you approve for sleeping). This means you can easily place a crate or dog bed anywhere in the house and let your dog decide where he/she feels more comfortable. Some dogs may choose to sleep in another room entirely, even if you keep your bedroom door open. Others may stay as close to you as possible. Usually due to temperature changes, some dogs will choose on the cold floor of the bathroom or by the entrance. Dogs allowed on the furniture may gravitate to the couch at night.

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Should I allow my dog to sleep in my bed?

Some people never allow their dog on the bed, while others love to snuggle with their pup right next to them, even under the covers. And both solutions are fine. If everybody who uses the bed is comfortable and safe, there is no problem just because one (or more) of you happens to be a dog. Letting Goldie share the bed with you will not make her “dominant” or create behavior problems that don’t already exist. It will make your bed hairy and smelly, but if that doesn’t bother you, then it’s fine.


The advantages to having your dog near you while you sleep are many. They are less likely to become stressed either by being alone or by lights from passing cars or a thunderstorm. If your dog is in or on your bed, any cold weather will seem a lot less harsh with a living furnace right next to you. Sharing sleep is one way to feel really close to each other, and that’s definitely a plus.


On the down side, some people find a dog keeps them awake, either because the dog snores, or because there is not enough room in the bed. If you are a light sleeper who wakes up easily, your dog could prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. Most dogs don’t sleep soundly all night long. They move, shift and pant during the night. If this is going to be a problem for you, don’t have your dog sleep on the bed. And worst-case scenario, your dog could fall off the bed and injure himself, or bring some pretty nasty zoonotic diseases/parasites into the bedroom.

What is comfortable for you?

Where should your dog sleep? Choosing where to have your dog sleep is ultimately up to you. It is best for puppies to be crated, but once they are old enough and well-trained enough, you can place them anywhere in the house. As long as your dog doesn’t disrupt your sleep or doesn’t get into any trouble around the house, there really aren’t any wrong choices. The choice also depends on your dog. All dogs are different and they have different needs. If your dog gets into trouble at night it might be best to keep him in the bedroom or crate. With these things in mind, you and your dog will be all set for a good night’s sleep!

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  2. Renze of Dog Life Store

    There’s a lot to consider to where you want to let your dog sleep. It is up to you but dogs like to sleep beside their owners. It also depends on their behavior if you let them sleep inside your house or not. It’s a great article. It’s very detailed and can help a lot.

    • Laura

      Hi Christine,

      Thanks for reading the Tractive Blog and for your comment.


  3. Dave

    Personally I don’t see anything wrong with having a dog in the bedroom as long as it is parasite free and clean, otherwise it really has no place in the bedroom, especially if like me you’ve got allergies to pet dander. There’s nothing worse than getting a bad night’s sleep, so I guess everyone has to make a judgement call based on the dog’s temperament .

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