Where Should My Dog Sleep At Night Time?

19 April 2023

Finding a good sleeping arrangement for you and your dog is essential for a happy life together. Find out why puppies are safest sleeping in crates, and where your adult dog should sleep here.

brown dog sleeping in a blue dog bed in corner of bedroom

Where should my dog sleep at night? To ensure the well-being of your dog, it’s very important to find a good answer to this question. That’s why choosing the best spot for your dog’s nightly rest is one of your duties as a dog parent. For example, will you let your dog sleep in bed with you? Find out what you need to consider to make the best decision for your family below.

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Where should my dog sleep at night?

There is no real right or wrong answer. Just like humans, dogs are different. Some may feel more comfortable in a crate next to your bed, while others prefer to sleep on a blanket in the living room. The best sleeping place for your dog depends on their age, personality, health condition, and your preferences.

First, let’s have a look at the sleeping needs of puppies vs adult dogs.

Where should a puppy sleep?

When you’re dog is a puppy, just like a newborn baby, they’ll be sleeping most of the day (up to 20 hours)!

It’s generally agreed that the best place for puppies to sleep is in a crate next to your bed.

Why should puppies sleep in crates?

First of all, the crate creates literal boundaries for your puppy – so they can’t go exploring in the night and get themselves into trouble. Because let’s not forget: some household items can be poisonous for dogs. The crate also provides a safe space where your puppy can learn to calm down and rest, which may be helpful later in life. Not to mention, chances are your puppy is not fully potty trained yet, so a crate prevents your pup from peeing all over the house.

Also, since puppies might feel anxious alone, it’s best to keep them in the same room as you at night.

As puppies turn into adult dogs, they can gradually get used to sleeping somewhere else in the house.

brown dog laying in a blue dog bed

Where should adult or senior dogs sleep?

An adult or senior dog that someone has had for a while is a different story. Mostly they don’t destroy things and are potty trained. That means that you can allow them more freedom within the house, including at night (or at least freedom in the rooms you approve for sleeping). So don’t hesitate to place a crate or dog bed anywhere in the house and let your dog sleep where they feel most comfortable.

Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much? 10 Factors Affecting Your Dog’s Sleep

Some dogs may choose to sleep in another room entirely, even if you keep your bedroom door open. Others may stay as close to you as possible. Usually due to temperature changes, some dogs will choose to lie on the cold floor of the bathroom or by the entrance. Dogs allowed on the furniture may gravitate to the couch at night.

Should dogs sleep in your bed?

Some people would never allow dogs to sleep in their room; others love having their dog curled up next to them in bed. Both options are just fine. What’s important is that both you and your dog feel comfortable, and can sleep well.

two women and two dogs sitting on a bed

There are several pros and cons of a dog sleeping in bed with you:

  • Chances of your dog troubling your sleep
  • Your furry friend could fall off the bed and injure himself
  • Your dog could bring zoonotic diseases/parasites into the bedroom

Contrary to popular belief, letting Max share the bed with you will not make him “dominant” or create behavioral problems that don’t already exist. However, it will make your bed hairy and smelly, but if that doesn’t bother you, then it’s fine.

If you’re considering letting your dog sleep in bed with you, check out our guide: Dog Sleeping In Bed? Pros And Cons Of Co-Sleeping With Dogs

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Should dogs sleep in your bedroom?

In case you’re not a fan of letting your dog sleep in your bed, another option is to let them sleep in the bedroom with you. This is a great choice for dog parents who want to keep their furry friend nearby and happy. Dogs likely feel comforted when they can sleep close to their favorite humans, and similarly you might benefit from being close to your dog at night.

A crate or dog bed somewhere in your bedroom is probably the perfect spot for your dog to sleep. But keep in mind, if your dog’s presence disturbs your sleep, you might want to avoid letting your dog sleep in your room. Many dogs will also be happy sleeping elsewhere in the house.

brown dog sleeping in a wooden dog house outside

Can dogs sleep outside?

While some people cozy up in bed next to their furry friend, others prefer to have the dog sleep outside. Can dogs sleep outside? Yes, technically they can. Is it recommended? Usually not. There are several reasons why it’s generally a good idea to give your dog a sleeping place indoors:

  • Weather – Hot, cold or rainy weather can make it uncomfortable for dogs to sleep outside. Not to mention, they might be at higher risk of heat stroke, hypothermia, or other dangerous weather-related conditions.
  • Age and Health – Puppies, senior dogs, sick dogs and brachycephalic breeds are especially vulnerable and shouldn’t be left outside alone for too long.
  • Safety – Other outdoor factors can pose a threat to your dog when they’re sleeping outside – from parasites to poisonous plants to environmental hazards.
  • Dognapping – With dog theft on the rise in some parts of the world, your pup will be safer sleeping indoors.
  • Socialization – Lastly, most dogs are social animals who thrive on companionship and human interaction. So they’re probably happier indoors and close to you.

What to consider if your dog sleeps outside

If you do have an outdoor dog who loves sleeping outside, or your dog needs to sleep outdoors for other reasons, here are some tips to keep them safe:

  • Provide a shelter for them so they’re protected from the elements
  • Make their sleeping spot comfortable with blankets, cushions or a bed
  • Give your dog access to fresh, clean drinking water
  • Check on your dog frequently to interact and make sure they’re okay
  • Use a GPS dog tracker on your dog so you’ll always know where they are

Conclusion: Where should dogs sleep at night?

Choosing your dog sleeps at night is ultimately up to you, although your dog will have their own say in the matter too of course. Puppies can be trained to sleep in a crate and this is often best for their safety and your peace of mind. With adult and senior dogs, they’ll often choose where they prefer to sleep. It’s your decision if you allow them in your bed, in your bedroom, on the couch or provide another place for them to sleep. Most dogs will be content sleeping in a dog bed, crate, or even on the floor. In general, dogs should sleep indoors with their people.

More information on crate training a puppy

For more information about crate training your new puppy, check out this helpful video from dog trainer Zak George.

With these things in mind, you and your dog are all set for a good night’s sleep!

P.S. Find out what your dog’s sleeping position means next!

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