Doesn’t matter if it’s large boxes, shoe boxes or even just items that look like boxes … Cats love boxes! But why? Let’s take a look at this question, shall we?

The purpose of the box

Cats are not the easiest animals to test and understanding the feline mind can be quite difficult. Still, there’s a few behavioral research results explaining the cat-box relationship.

little cat loves boxesEven though researchers haven’t fully understood why our dear cats have an affinity for boxes, they still have a number of theories.

First of all, cats are instinctively drawn to boxes because a box offers security and shelter from outside dangers. For cats, a box is a place of safety and security. So when your feline friend has a major fall-out with a local neighbourhood bully, he will probably hide until all problems are away.

Secondly, boxes offer safe places for cats to take a nap. Our four-legged friends can sleep for 18 to 20 hours a day. Seeking out a hidden place is, therefore, a way for a relatively solitary animal to hide from social engagements and simply just relax.

Thirdly, a box, or some other type of closed-up item, helps cats in stressful situations as they create their own safe zone. A research actually found a significant difference in stress levels between cats that had boxes and cats that didn’t. The cats with boxes were much faster comfortable in new surroundings and were more interested in interacting with humans.

Creatures of comfort

Last but not least, cats are creatures of comfort and they often seek great place to chill, rest and feel warm. The box is, therefore, also just a place for a cat to kick back and relax. And for that purpose, almost every box-looking item can be used. Cats appear to try to fit into any enclosed space such as drawers, shopping bags and even kettles to have some time alone.

The rule is: If it fits, I sits!