How can I make my dog smell better without a bath?

Dog smell makes you embarrassed? It's true, dogs can be smelly, sometimes very smelly. Are you wondering how you could make your dog smell better? Here are 6 ways to make your dog smell better.

28 August 2017



Dog smell makes you embarrassed? It’s true, dogs can be smelly, sometimes very smelly. Are you wondering how you could make your dog smell better? Here are 6 ways to make your dog smell better. A dog’s skin is filled with glands which excrete liquids. Those are meant to protect the dog’s skin. The composition of these liquids is the reason why your dog smells. As the fur gets wet, more particles are spilled out and the unpleasant smell increases.

How to fight dog smell:

1. Avoid low-quality food

Dog's foodA balanced diet affects your dog’s smell. Less low-quality food, more raw meat, fruits and vegetables added to your dog’s daily meal along with some fresh parsley, all help to the neutralize your dog’s smell.

 2. Do regular grooming 

Dog with long furDuring the course of the day, many dirt particles can find their way into your dog’s coat. Try to brush the dirt out of the coat to avoid unpleasant odours and manage his excessive shedding. 

 3. Wash his beddings regularly 

Sleeping dog It smells like dog in here“. Sometimes, this unpleasant smell comes from your dog’s bedding. Try to wash them regularly: this will help to fight bad smells.

4. Brush his teeth!

Dog showing teeth Dental calculus and caries can cause bad breath. Brush your dog’s teeth regularly. Don’t use normal toothpaste, use only water instead. Chewing bones help to strengthen your dog’s teeth.

5. Use baking powder as natural dry shampoo

Baking powder Baking powder can neutralize your dog’s smell. Just put a little bit in your dog’s fur and massage it in gently. Then, brush it out until there’s no baking powder left.

6. Clean his ears

Dog from the back Dirt in the ears can lead to unpleasant odours. Because the dog is unable to clean his ears alone, it’s your task to do it. Use a soft cloth or a towel and do it very gently in order to avoid unwanted irritation.

Regular baths and these extra cares will make your dog smell better everyday!

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  1. Elizabeth McGlone

    I love this post. Just have now stumbled upon your blog. My Boston terrier-Pomeranian mix in an indoor dog and she is under bathed as well LOL. Mainly because she gets really itchy. Hey I am thinking this might be a good spray for my newly teenage son and his room. He is under bathed as well. Not by my choice, His. He’s stinky too. LOL. People are way too intense.

    • Laura

      Hi Elizabeth,

      Thanks for your comment!
      It’s just great how you have compared your son to your dog. Love is in the… air? 🙂
      Keep reading the Tractive Blog.

  2. Pet Nutrition Mission

    Yes I agree! That dog smell makes me embarrassed because dogs its fun in the soil and sticks on their skin and starts smelling. Thanks to admin for sharing such a amazing blog.

  3. Mary Ann

    Love it and agree with you. A dog’s face shouldn’t smell more than any other body part. Thanks for sharing such an amazing blog.

    • Laura

      Hi Mary Ann,
      Thanks for appreciating the blog post, keep reading the Tractive blog!

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