How much exercise does my dog need?

How much exercise does your dog need? If it's true that every dog should get moving, not every dog should do the same amount of exercise. Different factors influence the amount of recommended daily exercise more than others, but where is the sweet spot?

How much exercise does your dog need? If it’s true that every dog should get moving, not every dog should do the same amount of exercise. Different factors influence the amount of recommended daily exercise more than others, but where is the sweet spot? As a responsible dog parent, you should take all the relevant factors into consideration and set up a suitable exercise routine for your dog. Once the exercise routine is established you should find the best way to keep track of your dog’s activity levels.

Breed and exercise

High-energy breeds (e.g. Border Collies) should at least get between 60 to 90 minutes of high-intensity exercise daily, whereas lower-energy breeds (e.g. the Bulldog) will need less.

Age and exercise

Puppies have a lot of energy…that burns fast. Because they are growing, puppies get easily tired. If you have a puppy, prefer frequent and short walks to longer ones. If you are parent to an adult dog, on the other hand, measure the amount of exercise against its breed. If yours is a senior dog, it may lack the motivation to do exercises. Take this into consideration and motivate your senior dog constantly.

How much exercise? Tractive MOTION has the answer

You cannot rely on your dog’s age only. To establish how much exercise is good for your dog’s health, you may need some additional guidance. A good way to keep track of your dog’s daily exercise is to use an activity tracker like the Tractive MOTION, developed by Tractive. The Tractive MOTION enableS you to:

  • Track the activity of your dog 24/7
  • Categorise your dog into: lazy, moderately active or highly active
  • Set goals (measured in Pet Points) and monitor your dog’s progress

This is possible because the Tractive MOTION has:

  • An accelerometer: Monitors your dog’s movement and behaviour
  • A Temperature & light sensor: The device will show you the correlations between your pet’s activity and external influences like temperature or daylight
  • Distance calculation: This new feature will show you the approximate distance your pet has covered

How many Pet Points does my dog need?

As a general rule, to reach the recommended amount of daily exercise, small dog breeds will require less Pet Points than big breeds. 500 to 1000 Pet Points a day will be enough for the first, whereas the latter will need around 3000 to 6000 Pet Points a day to reach the same level of daily exercise. This also means that the bigger the dog, the less Pet Points per kilometre will be collected. 


A Chihuahua with a size of 21 cm reaches about 830 Pet Points per kilometre. On the other hand, an Australian Shepherd with a size of 54 cm reaches approximately 415 Pet Points per kilometre. An Australian Shepherd, in fact, requires more exercise than a Chihuahua does.

Not always is the size the only indicator to estimate the suggested amount of Pet Points to be collected daily. The Jack Russell Terrier for example, is a good exception. This small breed, in fact, is also very energetic. The energetic Jack Russell will need a lot of exercise to reach its daily recommended exercise level, hence more Pet Points.

Exercise is the key to a happy and healthy dog

No matter your dog’s age, exercise provides all dogs with mental stimulation and keeps them active, which can help prolong their lives and reduce the risk of obesity. Talk to your vet about your dog’s exercise needs and research the breed carefully before bringing a new puppy into your life.

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