The mandatory dog training courses are completed but you still feel like attending more courses. And then the question arises – which dog school is the right one for me and my dog? Here are some great tips on how to find the right dog grooming school for you and your beloved furry companion!

Find the right dog grooming school

After the first dog course, dog owners often want to make other courses as well. Some might feel that they need more assistance and others want to do training together with their dog. There are many different schools that offer different courses, but which dog school is the right one? This choice will affect the happiness and well-being of our dog, so it’s important to find the right dog school.

No violence

Some schools tend to use violence in the dog training. Whether it is pain based (e.g. ear pinch or shock collar), sound based (making loud, terrible noises) or smell based (spraying with unpleasant smells) the different violent methods may place more or less stress on the dog. In general, pain and dominance based methods are the most stressful and you should therefore be careful with schools that use some of these methods.

There are also positive punishment methods to teach your dog the do’s and don’ts.

Environment and attitude in the dog grooming school

If you have time you should visit different grooming schools to get your own personal impression of the schools. You will quickly feel if the environment and attitude in the school is fitting you and your dog.  Try to notice whether the coach are doing the courses with enthusiasm and joy, or not. Also notice the number of participants and if the trainer is friendly and welcoming. Additionally, how is the the execution of the different exercises?

Practice of everyday situations

A good school often puts focus on everyday situations and individual problems and exercises. Dogs may know how to sit or to walk next to their owner in the training, but if they haven’t learned to actually focus on their owner, they won’t be able to perform these behaviors in the presence of every-day distractions. A good dog school uses this knowledge in the training – e.g. by practicing in a forest or in the city, where the dog and the owner can use the every-day distractions to improve their relationship and team work.

Experience, passion and patience

A good trainer is characterized by many years of experience, in various fields, and a great deal of passion an dedication. A good trainer also constantly seeks new knowledge, stays up to date and is able to pass on his knowledge to other people. Being calm and patient are important qualities as there will be distractions in a big group of dogs.

dog and teddy bear

Overview of the most important criteria for the right dog grooming school

  • There is a consultation before the first training
  • There is a free trial lesson included
  • The number of participants is limited to 6
  • The training also takes place outside the training field
  • The trainer is experienced, passionate and patient
  • There is a respectful treatment of dog and owner
  • Violence is an absolute no go
  • The trainer gives positive motivation
  • The trainer knows different methods of education and is able to pass on the knowledge
  • Dog and owner feel good and are taken seriously
  • The dog is happy about going to the dog grooming school


Are you happy about your dog grooming school? Do you want to recommend it to others? Feel free to leave the contact details in the comments! Thank you!