Spring is coming and flowers are blooming everywhere. While this might sound like a very nice image, the danger of insect bites on dogs is also more prevalent in this period, including dogs becoming victims of ticks and fleas. In order to avoid dangerous consequences, first-aid knowledge on dogs is required for every dog lover. Learn about the symptoms, immediate life-saving measures, preventive measures and much more that you can do, in order to protect your dog from an insect bite.

Symptoms of insect bites on dogs

Should your dog suffer from an insect bite, the following symptoms might show up:

  • Whining
  • Swelling
  • Drooling and excessive leaking
  • Redness
  • Limping
  • Shock
  • Coma
  • Itchiness
  • Breathing difficulties up to choking danger

Insect bites on dogs: immediate life-saving measures and remedies

Speedy action is a decisive factor on the outcome of an insect bite on dogs. In order to avoid a worst-case scenario, act fast. Don’t use tweezers to remove the sting. This way, you’ll only push the last poison pieces out. Instead, use a credit card or a knife, so you can easily shave the sting out.

Compared to wasps and bumblebees, regular bees do lose their stingers.

These are some of the best remedies to rely upon in the case of insect bites on dogs:

  • Cooling: Use water to cool the puncture site and thereby reduce the pain. To avoid frostbite, wrap ice cubes or cold packs in a towel. Otherwise, you can also spray your dog with water, the main thing is to cool him down.
  • Onion: A tried and tested home remedy that can produce wonders. Simply cut an onion in half and hold the surface on the affected area.
  • Apple vinegar cider: Dab the puncture wound with a cotton pad of vinegar.
  • Baking powder: Mix some baking powder with water and drizzle the mixture on the wound.
  • Medicinal herbs: Basil, parsley and marigold are among the best remedies if your dog suffers from an insect bite. Chop up one of these herbs so small that it creates a kind of paste. Now wrap this herb paste on the insect bite to reduce the pain of your furry friend.

Transportation to the vet in case of an insect bite on your dog


If the symptoms don’t improve within 15 minutes or the general condition of your pet worsens, you must go to a vet.

“In case of insect bites on dogs, there is a risk of suffocation from the throat.”

Should your dog have been stung directly on the throat or throat area, you need to hurry to get to your vet. Try to cool that area down and feed him ice cubes.

Your vet will perform a complete medical check on your dog. Should he notice any allergic reactions, you will definitely receive an emergency remedy.

The symptoms of insect bites on dogs can be aggravated by an allergic reaction.

Preventive measures for avoiding a bee sting on your dog

  • Training: Many dogs like to catch insects. Beginning when he is a puppy, train your furry friend not to catch insects. Every time he hunts insects, use for example the sound “pfui”. Also avoid teaching your dog to catch treats in the air. By doing so, you encourage him to ingest things from the air.
  • Feeding dish: Avoid overly large portion sizes, so that your dog’s food does not sit around, ready to be invaded by insects.

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