Ticks On Cats: How To Protect Your Feline Friend

9 May 2022

Once the warmer season begins, the ticks are active everywhere. They are annoying for pets...

tick protection

Once the warmer season begins, the ticks are active everywhere. They are annoying for pets and humans and lurk in almost every bush and tall grass. Ticks burrow part way into the skin, bite, draw blood, and then drop off. They can not only transmit dangerous dieseases, but also cause anemia in heavy infestations.

Protecting your cat from ticks is very important and, at the moment, a variety of resources against ticks are available. It should be noted that many insect pests mainly attack cats in the neck and behind the ears. However, they can also occur on the rest of the body. You should start with the protection no later than the beginning of April.

Cat insurance against veterinary costs

There are a lot of different cat insurances offered to keep the bills from the vet as low as possible. An amount is paid annually to cover all the costs up to a certain limit.

Tick protection for cats – spray, powder and spot-on

You can buy a necklace that protects your cat against ticks and fleas for about two months. This is possible because it is coated with an agent, which pests can not abide. If your cat cleans itself, it issues this material on the body. However, if you spot a tick anyway and you can not remove it yourself, it would be the best to seek a veterinarian.

Spray, powder and spot-on are offered in order to ensure the protection against ticks. All possible medicines will be found in pet stores, in the online shop or even at veterinarians. WARNING: If you use a spray, ensure that the cat does not inhale too much of it. Also powder and spot-on should be used with care.

In general, it is important that you control the fur of your cat regularly. Already while stroking your lovely pet it is usually clear whether ticks have bitten or not. Be aware of the neck where the pests like to nest. With forceps the ticks can be removed immediately. Tearing out should be avoided because you can injure your cat.

Do you have more information about how to protect cats against ticks? We would be happy to hear your suggestions!

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