3 Key Qualities That Make You The Best Applicant

17 May 2022

There are specific qualities that we care to look at when recruiting new team-members for our company.

bernhard was our best applicant

Applying at a company is always combined with a feeling of curiosity and excitement. How is the working environment in the company? Often an applicant applies for a job without actually knowing how the office life is and what the employer expects. To uncover some mystery from our side, we will tell you what we at Tractive expect from you.


And this already starts when sending the resume! Faking skills is an absolute no-go and lies will mostly be revealed at the job interview. It doesn’t matter which secrets are hidden in your CV, be honest about it and explain to us why you did what you did. Stick with your resume and explain the gaps!

The same applies to the job interview. Be honest and tell us which tasks you are interested in and also what you do not like working with. Trying to satisfy the company’s needs by lying about a degree or qualification is never a good idea. It’s a risky thing to do and may cost you the job in the long run. On the other hand, if we know what you are passionate about, you are giving us the keys to satisfy your longings.


No matter what you do, do it with passion! As an applicant, show us that you are our missing ingredient and put passion into everything you do! We believe that everybody should focus on the field he or she is interested in. If you want to become an expert in it, then you are the right fit for the position.

We are looking for an applicant with team spirit

Team Spirit

One person can never achieve as much as a group can do when pulling in the same direction. Therefore, we are searching for people who love working in an international and dynamic team. Being able to deal with criticism is just as important as lending an ear to a colleague when something goes wrong. There is no doubt that what we have achieved so far, we have achieved together!

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