New Year’s Resolutions And What We Plan To Do

17 May 2022

We chose four goals to drive our company forward and make this year a success.

The Tractive team starts with motivation and with four New Year's resolutions

They belong to New Year like fireworks – New Year’s resolutions. The old year is now over, and there are already new, exciting goals for the upcoming year. The Tractive team starts with motivation and with four New Year’s resolutions.

Delight and surprise our customers

We love to solve real problems of pet owners all over the world. Their feedback motivates us to overcome every challenge and initiates improvements.

Put the customer first! 

That’s not just an empty phrase in our company. It means that we have to constantly think about improving our products and applications. We follow this resolution in the new year and will delight our customers with great, new features and hardware products.

We define our New Year’s resolutions in order to make our customers happy

Getting new talents on board

This ambition calls for an extraordinary team. Therefore, we will continue searching for people who want to bring Tractive to the next level. At Tractive, everybody gets the chance to grow and become an expert in their respective field. A working environment where colleagues become friends, where fun is part of the daily work and where new, creative ideas are appreciated and promoted, are just a few of the reasons why our employees love working at Tractive.

Strengthen our structures

People tend to forget that a fast-growing business means a lot of organization in the background. Being agile and reacting fast to customer requests characterises our workflow at Tractive. Combined with clearly defined strategies and goals we will strengthen our company structure even more this year.

New Year’s resolutions at Tractive

Celebrate success together

And when our goals are reached, it is time to celebrate. If it’s a donut-party when web shop goals are reached, or our team events and parties– fun is part of our working environment. Therefore, we have of course already planned some awesome team events for this year too.

Do you want to celebrate with us? We offer internships, part-time and full-time jobs in different divisions.

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