You probably already know about the benefits of pet insurance for your budget and furry friend. But can you get pet insurance for multiple pets? Yes! In this article, we cover everything you need to know about multi-pet insurance, so you can find the best policy for you and your furry family too!

How does multi pet insurance work?

A multi pet insurance policy covers multiple pets within a single plan. Which is pretty convenient, if you have multiple pets! In general, they work just like other pet insurance policies do.

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However, multi pet insurance plans vary by provider. Some allow you to customize your coverage for each pet. Others only offer the same coverage level for all pets. Certain providers may use the term ‘multi-pet’ to describe two or more separate pet insurance policies linked together.

Usually, you can get a discount by having more than one pet on a policy. Still, multi pet insurance plans are not always necessarily cheaper than having individual pet insurance plans for your pets. So it’s best to shop around before making your final decision.

What are the benefits of multi pet insurance?

Multi pet insurance offers several benefits for pet parents who have multiple pets. Here are some of the main advantages:

Financial protection

The most obvious benefit of multi pet insurance is the same benefit you have with any pet insurance plan – financial protection against the unexpected.

Having a pet – let alone multiple pets – can be expensive. And most people underestimate how much they’ll spend on their pet. The average lifetime cost of having a dog ranges from $27,074 to $42,545, depending on breed1. While you can predict some of the costs related to your furry friend, there are bound to be unexpected expenses that pop up. Routine veterinary visits and procedures, medications, emergency treatments – these costs can add up. Bills can range from tens to hundreds to even thousands of dollars or pounds per incident.

Having pet insurance for each pet means you’ll be better prepared to manage your pet’s veterinary experiences and handle life’s unexpected events without too great of a financial burden.

Your pets can enjoy more regular care

Another benefit of multi pet insurance? With it, you’ll be more likely to take your pets to the vet2. Knowing that your pets are insured and you’re covered means that you can enjoy more freedom when it comes to how often you take your pet to the vet. And as a result, your pets will be treated to more regular, comprehensive care. Which can lead to:

Preventative care and early detection

Since people with pet insurance are more likely to take their pets to the vet, they’re also more likely to spot and treat health issues in their furry friends early on. And just like with human health issues, it’s easier to treat illness in dogs and cats with an early diagnosis.

Having pet insurance means you won’t have to worry too much about costs when it comes to evaluating and treating your pet for any illness they may develop. So your pet can have access to great care, when they need it.

Discounts for multi pet insurance policies

Another benefit to multi pet insurance is that you may be eligible for a discount of anywhere from 5 to 15%1. Check the insurance provider’s terms and conditions – some offer a discount for each additional pet you add to the plan.

However, some pet insurance providers don’t offer a discount for multiple pets, so keep that in mind when shopping around.

Convenient and streamlined process

Managing separate insurance policies for each pet can be time-consuming and complicated. With multi-pet insurance, you can streamline the insurance process by having all your pets covered under a single policy. This makes it easier to keep track of coverage details, claims, and renewals.

Comprehensive coverage

Multi pet insurance plans typically offer extensive coverage options. These plans can include protection against accidents, illnesses, hospitalization, surgery, and even preventive care like vaccinations and dental cleanings. With a multi-pet insurance policy, you can ensure that your pets receive the necessary medical attention whenever they need it, without worrying about the financial burden.

Peace of mind

Finally, pet insurance for each of your pets can give you peace of mind. It’s a great way to ensure you’ll always be able to provide care to your pets when needed without breaking the bank. If you love your pets and want to plan for unexpected expenses, multi pet insurance is the way to go.

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What to consider when choosing a multi pet insurance policy

When it comes to choosing a multi pet insurance policy, there are several factors you need to consider in order to find the best option for your family.

Your pets

The first thing to do is to understand your pets’ individual health condition, needs and risks. This includes things like type of pet, age, breed and pre-existing conditions, if any. All of these factors will come into play when choosing a policy.

Your budget

At the same time, you also want to consider your budget, including how much you can afford to pay monthly for pet insurance vs how much you could afford to pay out of pocket. Consider both routine care and possible emergency costs. It’s also helpful at this stage to lookup the average prices of veterinary services in your area.

Comparing multi pet insurance policies

Once you know you and your pets’ personal situation, you can start to shop around for multi pet insurance. Consider the following factors when comparing policies:

  • Monthly premium: This is the amount you have to pay each month to keep your policy active. Make sure this cost fits your budget; but don’t consider it alone. Remember, the cheapest plan won’t necessarily be the best for your needs in terms of coverage.
  • Annual deductible: This is the amount you’ll need to pay out of pocket – before your insurance cover begins.
  • Reimbursement rate: The percentage of costs your insurer will cover on eligible claims.
  • Annual coverage limit: The maximum amount you can be reimbursed by your insurer per year. Some providers offer unlimited annual coverage.
  • Coverage: Consider what type of coverage your pets will receive. Can you customize coverage for each pet? Most people choose accident and illness plans, which cover vet care in the case of injury or sickness.
  • Exclusions: Many pet insurance policies don’t cover pets with pre-existing conditions; others have age limits. Read the fine print to see what is and is not covered by the plan before making your decision.
  • Add-ons: Pet insurance add ons offer you additional coverage, such as routine care or wellness cover, for an additional fee. This could include coverage for things like vaccinations, microchipping, flea/tick prevention and grooming, depending on the provider.
  • Discounts: In many cases, you can receive a discount for each additional pet you enroll in a pet insurance plan.
  • Company reputation: Your pet insurance policy should cover you for the lifetime of your pets, so be sure to choose a company that’s likely to be around that long. You can also read reviews from real customers to get a better idea of the service and reputation of the company.

How much does pet insurance for multiple pets cost?

The monthly cost of pet insurance for multiple pets can vary depending on a variety of factors such as:

  • How many pets you have
  • The age, breed, risk level and health conditions of your pets
  • Where you live & the cost of veterinary services in your area
  • Insurance provider & type of pet insurance plan including coverage, deductible, reimbursement rate, limits, etc.

Expect to pay anywhere from $14 – $90 dollars per pet per month for multi pet insurance. You can often get a free quote by visiting the insurance providers website. As we mentioned above, some providers offer a discount for each additional pet added.


In summary, pet insurance for multiple pets makes sense if you are the guardian of more than one pet. Not only can it help you give your pets regular, comprehensive care, but it can also help you manage your budget and keep on top of unexpected expenses.

Having a furry family is a big responsibility. Investing in the right tools to help you care for that family can make all the difference.

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